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How a ticket could hurt your credit

Marana Rich

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If you want to check your credit bureau for free the website is www.annualcreditreport.com

That is the service that's administered by the bureaus so it doesn't ding your credit to run it and it's free, unlike freecreditreport.com.

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The collection entry would certainly prevent you from getting a house loan. Colorado River Indian Tribes would sent their civil citations that were defaulted as guilty when Californians wouldn't return for their court date to a collection company. Years later the cited party would call up and want to pay off the fine plus fees, as it showed up on their credit report and they couldn't get a second loan on their house, a new jet boat or car :( Of course first a traffic court would have to find you responsible for the civil ticket and they'd probably send you at least 1-2 letters before letting the collection buzzards attack ya.

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