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Keep Your Vette Safe in the Garage


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I think most of us have seen this video demonstration by now

6 Sec Garage Break-in

Well here's my 10 cent fix to the problem

I just drilled a hole in the plastic above the lever. Then I cut the rope off and ran a zip tie thru both holes.

Now the burglars can't get the hanger on the lever and if they do they won't have enough torque to pull it down.

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try that with out a window....

I doubt you could do it in 6 secs but I wouldn't want to bet an experienced burglar that he couldn't do it at all. The opener is always in the middle if the door so if you have the length measured all you'd have to do is fish around for awhile. I'll bet it could be done, just not as fast.

Anyway, both my doors have windows.

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Nice! I was thinking of doing something as well after seeing that vid. Thanks. :thumbs

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yup without the window it makes it harder BUT it still happens. I have gone out to calls for garages being broken into using that method. I too have cut the rope off and used a zip tie to keep that lever up. of coarse I also have cameras around the entire exterior of my house so if someone does try it ill have their mug shot ;)

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