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Best rendition of the Star Spangled Banner you've heard ?


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Got involved in a discussion with some friends ove the various styles that have been used by singers to perform the National Anthem, after watching Christina Aquleria (sp?) during last night's game. Me personaly, I prefer the method without all the additional vocalization (and generally speaking, without instruments), but I've heard some pretty solid versions that have been individualized to a small degree.

What's some of the best performance you've heard of our National Anthem, the Star Spangled Banner ?

Check this one out from a couple years ago, performed by the Cactus Cuties..pretty solid for some 9-13 year old's :thumbs

Star Spangled Banner, performed by the Cactus Cuties

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There was a Nascar race a few years ago where young Marine sang the Star Spangled Banner a cappella. He was awesome - no vibrato, no flash, just serious arrangement and a beautiful voice. I wish I could remember exactly when that was. . . Also, I sounded pretty good in the shower this morning. . . :smilelol :smilelol

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