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So you think you've been in rough seas in a boat, huh ?


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Friend just back from a fishing trip in Mexico...said he got sea sick because they were out in a heavy sea state (large waves) measuring 3 to 5 feet (in his estimation).

Another friend (ex-Navy, nuclear carrier) sent him this video of what a heavy sea state is !!!!!

US Navy aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk ...1050+ feet long, 90,000 tons fully loaded, flight deck stands anywhere from 70-90 feet above the water.

And yes, that is a helicopter lashed down on the flight deck on the bow :P Somewhere out in the Pacific...

USS Kitty Hawk in heavy seas, as filmed from the flight ops deck in the island

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Thats incredible! I guess they either didn't want that Helicopter or wanted a free wash job. That whole clip reminded me why it was a good plan that I joined and served on a Nuclear Submarine. The only time I got sea sick was when we had to stay on the surface to get into Perth, Australia during July, which is their winter. Certainly nothing like that video!

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