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1996 LT4 Convertible Blk/Blk/Gray FS

dss LT1

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FOR SALE 1996 Corvette LT4 Convertible 55k miles, 6-speed, new water pump, optispark, hoses, belts, battery. Brakes, rotors and tires were all new at 40k miles. I bought this car in 2007 with 37k miles and added the 5 spoke wheels (original sawblades included) slotted rotors, and wide BFG tires. Car runs great, AC blows cold out of ALL vents. Car has a passenger air bag kill switch as well, Known issues: driver seat leather is worn, steering column has the click issue (not a safety issue) and it has rock chips as would be expected for 55k miles, that is about it. I drive it about 7k miles per year, change the oil every 3-4k miles. Selling because I lost my job and need to regroup.

One year only engine body combo should hold its value. It is fast even in mostly stock form. Fun to drive.

Asking $15,895

If interested: dsscpa@cox.net or 480-296-6214

Pictures: http://web.me.com/dsscpa/Site/Vette_Photos_%26_info.html

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Great picture! Reminds me of a similar experience North of LA when I became "over-exuberant". Having passed a gigabutt-load of cars before getting acquainted with the local law enforcement folks,I had to suffer in silence as they passed me back. An embarrassing moment for sure. All I got was a warning though!

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