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Need a new career ? How about High voltage cable inspector


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A big F' THAT !!!! Wonder if the they're eligible for tax payer supplied health benifits and life insurance ? :smilelol

I don't even like static discharge shocks !!!! 1/2 million volts..who knows how many amps....These cats have gi-normous sacks...

High voltage Cable Inspection via helicopter transport

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Marana Rich

I am not sure about the cable inspector, but I do know that the pilots of those helicopters are government employees, Bonneville Power Administration was looking for pilots, starting pay is over 86K. It said something about high risk in the announcement. lol. BPA coveres the great northwest with some really isolated lines and real crappy weather. .

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NOT ON A DARE!! A good friend of mine was a lineman in the AF and told of all kinds of horror stories of that job and really high voltage.

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