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Looking for the NW Vendor


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Hey guys .......... maybe someone remembers from the Good Guys show last fall ..... there was a guy who had a table near the aisle in the Vendor Tent that builds these side pipes .... they come right off the headers and have baffles inside eliminating the need for mufflers ......

I believe they have a shop in the NW valley area somewhere ...... maybe you remember these guys or know who they are .... I picked up a card but lost it somewhere along the way .....

If I can locate this guy .... he will be my next stop for the C3 once we complete the new harness project, new mini starter and the Renegade .... any one .????? :cfdeadagain

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If that was S & S headers, they just went bellyup. I know the guy who bought up piles of their stock and is selling it at that online auction place.

The website is still active, so you might find something to identify there. http://www.ssheaders.com/

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