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Tazer Time


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LMAO! Good stuff... I think the guy with the taser had the safety on the first time he tried... looked at the gun, whipped a U'ie, and nailed him the second time.. Hey man, nice shot!

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Man, that brings back memories from a couple years ago. Back when I was at White Sands Fire Department, we had the police recrutes going through basic and was going through taser training. You know where I am getting with this. We had two ways of seeing who was going to get tased. Either by pulling strings, or by voluntering and getting three days off paid which comes out to about $3000 take home pay, nice chunk of change. Needless to say I took the deal along with some of my commrads and WOW what a fun time we had leading up to it. Under wraps we had to be off shift ofcourse due to any complications that may arise and had to be cleared by the Surgeon General on Base before hand. After clearence we got hammered to knock off the pain and were acting down right silly. All I can say is I dont remember much but the initial pain that settled in was nothing short of overtaking any will power I had over my body. They kept a video of it for training purposes, but we were not allowed to make copies for obvious reasons. We were able to watch it and it was so funny to watch we were laughing so hard we had tears. The reactions on our faces as we were lined up one at a time. So laugh it up guys it is down right funny and yes I have the t-shirt been there done that.

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