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Welcome "Vette for Thomas"


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Welcome Thomas from Gilbert to :ACE:

Year of Corvette: 1987

Color: Black

Post up some pics of your C4! We love pics around here :yeah:

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Vette for Thomas

Thanks every one! Been praying (trying to sell a kidney) for a Vette for years. Just picked up a 87 vette that is amazing! Looking forward to meeting you all and attending the group meets! I will post some pics as soon as I can as well as the to do list that I will be starting no later then 4weeks. Thanks again...... Thomas

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Welcome to :ACE: Nice C4, keep us posted on your todo list, and remember a lot of members here started out where you are, don't forget to ask lots of questions so we can all shrug and say "I dunno?"

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Your car looks great - look forward to seeing it in person and your "to do' list! Welcome from N. PHX.

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