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11/13/04 wrench day before Glenn's party


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This is open to anyone, we are going to try to help Chris Rogers (yeah, that long lost Chris) get back on the road with his C4, there will be some general engine assembly, and whatever else we can break on his vette.

Then we will clean up and cruise over to Glenn's "Marine B-day Party".

You don't have to go to both events, but whats better than a day full of Corvette wrenching, and then off to party with the Marines :cheers:

If your interested in either, or both events, just post here or on the CF in this thread.


Let's get together and enjoy the great weather... :cool

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what time (if anybody's showing up) will you all be here?

there really isn't much to do at this point, i need to pull a cam and lifters out of bill reid's old 355 motor and put in a more mild "almost stock" cam and lifters.

that motor will then be going into the "silver bullet" in another few weeks time with all of your help of course!

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i'm located in gilbert - val vista and ray-ish

if you need directions, send me an email - chris_mail_az at yahoo.com

the build will go something like this

i have a low mileage 355 i purchased from bill reid that needs a cam and lifter swap before anything else is done.

seems like a quick fix - but i'm uneducated in how to line up the timing before removing the cam so that it cam be put back together easily

not to mention, it was recommended to me that the cam be "degreed" does anyone know how to do this? as while it's out of the car, i'd like it to be close to perfect before the reinstall!

then in the coming weeks, i'd like to solicit help to pull the old motor out and rerun all vacuum lines under the hood (as the A/C doesn't work properly and this will eliminate that as a problem) then reinstall the 355 that we put the new cam in - so i ask this - who's in?!?!?!?!

i am pretty much available every saturday until this gets running - so any and all help would be appreciated!!!!

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Come on vette freaks, here's a chance to see the guts of a motor, and maybe even get dirty, plus you get to break Chris's stuff....

I hope to be there about 9 or so.... :burnout:

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I guess no one else is going????

Well, I should be there unless it rains enough to need a boat. :smilelol:

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Ya know I will be there.

A few other ACE members have sent me an IM asking when and where this was at. So, we may have a few others show up.

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PM me here or on Corvetteforum about the C4 Wolf Evolution cover!

I had it in the for sale section for 3-18 packs of Busch Lite but since we met at Glenn's I'll reduce it to one!!


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