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Hi all -

Have been talking with Gray Fox (Mary) on CF regarding getting Grumpy's hat here in AZ. Just got a PM from her today with an update on where it will be/where it is.

As of now the Hat is in Knoxville, from there it goes to Tampa/Clearwater, from there to Houston, then to Ohio

Right now, we have two rather large events coming up. The BBQ and the going away party.

Unfortunately, during the BBQ, the hat will be in Tampa/Clearwater at that time. However, we can may be able to get WOEII's shirt in time, which is also floating around, and sign that on the 18th.

If we push it back to the going away party, Gray Fow has stated that we will may be able to get the hat. (The shirt for sure) However, we may see some people turn up that normally do not, simply to say good bye to Brian and Tracy - and get a larger donation for St. Judes. The downside, of course is that this puts it off for another month.

Let me know what the majority would like to do ASAP.


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when ever they can get here, they get here. I think it would be great to have them both at the party in March if possible.

It's harder than heck to try and juggle so many different tasks with other groups and our group at the same time. Best of luck to ya.

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I agree with Bryan. Whenever it gets here. I'd hate to miss a chance for our group to be in on both the hat and shirt.

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Whenever it's possible. I will go out of my way to sign...does that help :D


Talking with Colleen right now to see if we can get WOEIIs T-shirt for the going away party. It's on the west coast already...

I'll update all when I get more info.

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