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Guest azcueball

hello everyone im having a problem with my radio i mean my cd player it says cd mech error so does that mean i need to get a new one or a used one cause it sucks without a cd player so i would like some imput on this one and if someone knows anybody that has one for sale or for free(just hoping cause im broke) i need to get this fixed and one more ? is it hard to install? thank you very much for the help scott :ACE:

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Is it a radio in your C6? I would take it in to a dealership and tell them to fix it...and remind them not to scratch up your cosole in the process.

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I have not done business with them but have heard these people do great work at a reasonable price. Stop by if you are in the area.


Jeff's Professional Audio Repair

4221 North 19th Avenue

Phoenix, AZ 85015

Business Name: Jeff's Professional Audio Repair

Phone 480-288-4878 ext. 701

About Us: Jeff's Professional Audio Repair has been serving the valley since 1995. They repair car radio and Bose car audio systems as well as repairs on navigation systems. They also repair professional home audio systems.

General Manager's Name: Frank Ryba

Shop Address: 4221 North 19th Avenue

City: Phoenix

State: AZ

Zip: 85015

Cross Streets: 19th Avenue and Indian School

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Have you tried striking the radio?

I'd offer it a few choice curse words.

I have tried that and the striking!

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