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Firebird Friday Night Drags December 11, 2009


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Well, I'm meeting Tom down at Firebird tonight so I can beat up on him with my trusty 2010 V6 auto vert Mustang :smilelol: Mike (DSMOM4ME) is going out as well to take an orientation ride down the track with me, as Robert (WishboneZ51) has graciously loaned his additional helmet out for the cause :banannadance: I know...Short notice, but oh well...... I'm planning on being out there between 7:00 -7:30 p.m. , if you feel like coming out to play. If you've never been down the track before, I'm game for letting you ride shotgun so you can see what it's all about....fun,fun,fun. Plus, if I hang one on Tom I have witnesses :smilelol Mike Thresher (LS1BadBird) is bringing out his white Pontiac Firebird as well....he's the one I was racing the last time we all met at the track..11.90's with 1.50 60' times.

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