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Military Challenge Race Tucson Raceway Park Dec 12


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Details for this were finalized today otherwise I would have posted sooner.

I am personally driving the Marine Corps Car and my boss is my crew chief!!!

This Saturday, December 12th Tucson Raceway Park is having a Military Challenge race. Each branch of service has a car with their branches' paint scheme, member from that branch driving and crew chief. Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, and National Guard all have cars/drivers.

Come out and support us regardless of which branch you root for!


Address- 11955 S. Harrison Road, Tucson, AZ. 85747 (out by the Fairgrounds)

1635 Qualifying

1735 Military Trophy Dash (1st Race)

1855 Drivetech Late Model military 20 laps (2nd race)

For and those coming to watch. Click on the "Admissions Prices" tab on top

of the page on the link below for prices.

Gates open for general public at 1600.

Pit Party at 1700 (Spectators can go in pits and meet drivers, etc)

National Anthem goes at 1730 and 1st race begins at 1735.

This is a direct link to the day's schedule/website...


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Correction on admission...$5 for everyone. Use the link in my original post but click on "home" and see the flyer for the event on the top right of the home page.... Can't figure out how to edit my original post.

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Now THAT sounds like fun!

Can't make Tucson, but free :bump: and :flag from one of them 'flyboys.

<--------GO Air Force!

DITTO...Personally, I don't think any of the other branches stand a chance against the the Air Force. Jet engines in burner would be hard to beat. :eek:lol Good luck and post the results.

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Absolute blast!!! Can't remember ever doing anything so awesome!

Lime green car #13. Came in second, Navy won. Air Force town and they didn't even show up.

These are all of practice, qualifying and pre-race. It was dark out for the actual race and the pictures didn't come out. Track photographer is supposed to send them and I'll add them to this album.

I figured they would put speed limiters on the cars but it was all out.


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Very cool! I can't believe the AF guys let me down. Oh well, maybe next time.

Not sure how true it is but rumor is the SJA said it was too dangerous for them...

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