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0% Financing from GMAC...personal experience


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Food for thought the next time you are tempted by a "0 % Financing" offer... Around 4 years ago I was in the market for a new GM vehicle. At the time of being quoted at the showroom here's what the salesman said after laying down the figures on a "0% financing" deal from GMAC: "...now, if you provide your own financing we can take another $2500 off." Long story short, I wound up with the "mystery" $2500 taken off of the "0% "quote after having to sign a half dozen documents atesting (falsely) that I was the salesman's brother-in-law. FWIW

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all car sales men are scumbags.

once you know that it get eaiser over time.

AMEN! the best thing you can do for yourself is to state exactly the deal you will accept, and if they don't agree, WALK AWAY. :leaving I've had them call me the following day and accept what they refused before - it's all a game to get your money under THEIR terms instead of yours. . .

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