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LS3 Vs LS7 intakes


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Is there an advantage putting an LS7 intake on an LS3 ? If there is about how much HP would it add? There's one for saly on ebay for $399 but it got me wondering...

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the LS7 wil NOT fit on an LS3 car (im about 80% sure on that) while the ports for the LS3/LS7 are rectulangar (as opposed to the LS1/LS6/LS2 cathredal ports) the LS7 rectulangar ports are "shorter". so If you changed out to a LS7 heads, then you can use the LS7 intake. .. however the LS7 heads have a 70CC compustion chamber vs. the LS3/L76(?)/L92 68cc head and you would loose CR. you would gain larger Sodium filled valves tho.

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