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Ultimate Corvette for kids?


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Well this isn’t your typical Power Wheels for kids. No the Junior 35 MPH Classic Corvette from Hammacher Schlemmer is probably more appropriate for Donald Trump’s kids because it costs $32,000! The 2/3-scale, gasoline-powered replica of a 1956 Corvette racer, can reach a maximum speed of 35 mph. The racer is powered by a 6.9 hp, 107cc four-stroke engine, and has an automatic transmission; a single shifter controls forward, neutral, and backward movement.

Hammacher Schlemmer

Raid the college fund....hmmm. :pensativo:

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$32,000 for a toy? I paid $26,500 for a real Corvette that does 191 mph. I wonder if that $32,000 toy qualifies for a dual car discount.

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