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Waxing clinic!

Guest Kens06

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Sometime last spring Ed was going to have a combination exhaust change/Zaino instructional gathering at his house. He proceded to put the catback system on all by his lonesome and the Zaino class was forgotten!!

I just washed my car since I had to work this morning and missed a very cool ride with Ed :cuss , and noticed I don't have any wax left on my car :(

I guess what I'm asking is if anyone wants to get together for a waxing 'How To' clinic.

I don't know where to start with a black car!!

I missed the Maguires (sp??)class that Dwayne went to!

I want fast i.e. orbital buffer, if I'm alone, but with others it could be a fun afternoon outing!!

I have had two different detailers make the car look like crap and payed for it!!

The last option would be if anyone knows a GOOD detailer that comes to the house and the end result looks correct??

Just a thought


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Ken, I'll volunteer the house if someone else knows a detailer. I'm in NE Phx but it's about equal distance between our western folks and the s/e valley.

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I don't know any detailers that come to the house and do a good job, not anyone that I have used.

I do have an idiot proof orbital that I can let you use if you supply the wax / polish. I also have a handout and what I have learned at the Mequiar's clinic as well.

If you or Eddie want's to host the party, I can supply the buffer.

We just need a date. Take a look at the calendar before picking a date.

You can add the item to the calendar if you want. The calendar is open for ANYONE to use.

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Well, guess what just popped up on the Meguiar's forum????

They are having another "Free" clinic on Dec 11th.


Date: Saturday December 11th

Time: 8:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M.

Place: Islands Community Center 825 S Islands Drive West Gilbert, AZ

Clinic Cost: Free!

Taught By: Mike Pennington - Meguiar's Corporate Director Training - Irvine, CA

Here's a link to the thread,


You have to sign up as a member of the Meguiar's online forum to be put on the list. If your interested, get on the list of 50 people before it fills up again.

I also think there are a couple of mobile detailer's registered on Meguiar's, I will send a link to of this thread to them.

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  • 3 weeks later...

I also contacted one of the members on the Meguiar's forum that is a professional detailer about maybe having a meeting with the ACE. He sounded positive, so we can pursue it if you guys are interested in this also...

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Detailer? All you need is a clay bar and some Zaino. The clay bar process goes pretty quick if your car was a garage queen like mine. Although I did the daily driver and it didn't take that long. The secret with a good wax job is to put it on and take it off with back and forth strokes rather than swirling it on and off.

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