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  1. Since late February I have had the security light flashing while driving. I tried cleaning the pellets, different key, using the other side etc with little success. Sometimes the light would stay off and other times it would come on. My son used the car after Memorial Day while visiting and noticed the Check Engine Light came on. GRRRRR. The codes indicated I was having the O2 heater sensor issues for both banks. Figured I would chase it down after he left. He did and when I took it out I noticed sometimes it would not even turn over at first but if I tried again it started right up. Took it to Autozone and tested the battery. They said a "plate" was bad and got a prorated replacement (already had one replaced under the original warranty - thank you AZ heat!) Still had issues with starting the Corvette and now the passkey codes were showing up. Called Classic Gold to set up appointment. Over the weekend before I took it in the car wouldn't start at all (but it was in my garage). It actually started ONCE but never chanced moving it out of the garage. When AAA came to tow it to the garage the driver asked if he could try, and of course it started right up, so saved a tow. Joe took great care with the Corvette and had to replace the ignition. He was able to reprogram my keys so the original keys would work (they have a special 50th emblem on them). I told Joe I was in no rush and he took the time to ensure all was working well. He charged me a fair price and did great work. So far no issues starting the car and I don't expect to see any. Hopefully the O2 sensor issue will disappear now that the starting issue and battery were resolved.
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