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Found 2 results

  1. I installed the Chevrolet Performance "air box" on my Z06 yesterday. Chevrolet states it's worth 11 hp on a Z06 (not that it matters, frankly). It's emissions certified, and GM quality. Fitment was pretty straightforward, just a bit more complex than a normal air filter element change. The box is a bit bigger than the original, so there are a few interference points to address. First is the headlight harness (under the box, can't see in picture) that gets moved down an inch or so with a new clamp. Second is the coolant line that you see snaking over the box. It could stand to be a couple of inches longer, but you reposition it a bit so as not to interfere with the hood closing and it works fine. Same with a clamp at the T junction of that line, you rotate it so the tips are not facing up and that's all. For anyone contemplating it, the instructions are online here: https://ecom-dam.ext.gm.com/products/documents/I-sheet 84659729 - EN,SP,FR.pdf
  2. Rratlas

    AFE Cold Air Intake

    Hello Im selling the AFE cold air intake for 2014 C7 Corvette. I had my car super charged and it doesn't work with the super charger set up. I also have an extra filter brand new in the box. The extra filter costs 113.00. So you get the Cold air intake system with 2 filters. Asking 550 for everything. Robert 623-826-9075
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