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    Okay, I'm getting more and more comfortable with maybe doing this myself....maybe.....maybe not.... I built myself a test circuit to be able to use a 9 volt battery with so I won't have to keep plugging into the car all the time to test the light out. I'm still hesitant about heating the bulbs up and removing them from the board but I may give it a shot. If I do, I'll let you know how it went, good or bad... Tomorrow I will be setting up my new computer I had built for me so I don't think I'll be able to get to this light thing until next weekend. I'm actually doing this to keep the tension for you guys at it's highest level because I know you're all stressing out with the outcome and whether I can do it or not. Keeps that adrenaline up because that's good for ya...
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    I often remind my yoga students that our lives on the mat reflect our lives off the mat. Learn to breathe on the mat can teach you to breathe off the mat. Learn to become less reactive in a challenging pose on the mat, can teach you to become less reactive to a challenging situation off the mat. Learn patience and non-judgement towards yourself on the mat, can teach you to be more patient and less judgmental off the mat. Learn to be still and a sense of introspection on the mat, can carry with you off the mat. Our yoga practice can offer all this and more, but can other passions in our lives also offer learning opportunities? My husband and I belong to a Corvette Enthusiast Group. There is a forum where people go on to share their stories, pictures, comments, and advice. We meet periodically to go on cruises around the state, meet for lunches and picnics, and otherwise share our passion for the great American Muscle Car, the Chevrolet Corvette. The group consists of members of all ages, primarily a little older group as this tends to be the age you can begin to afford this type of car, as it’s usually not your daily driver. Corvette’s tend to like to be the Diva car of the family, sitting pristine in the garage (also known as the Garage Queen) until it’s time to take her out, show her off, and run her like crazy. The members name their cars and have more pics of their cars in their phones, then their own kids (not really, but close)! Corvette owners have a language of their own, you get to know what Bowling Green, C1-C7, Fuelie, LS Engines, Matching Numbers. NOS, Split Window, Stingray, Z06, Grand Sport, and Targa means. We did a cruise with the group yesterday to the town of Gila Bend, Arizona. Small town in western Arizona, usually pretty quiet until a herd of loud Corvettes drive through. As we were cruising, I was ruminating on how cruising in a fast car is not unlike life itself. Sometimes the road ahead is open and clear, you can hit the gas and let your hair blow in the wind. Enjoying life as it fly’s by at 100 miles an hour (65 for any police reading this). Sometimes there are obstacles impeding our progress, we are forced to slow down and take stock. Sometimes we pass others on the same journey as we, sometimes we get passed by. Occasionally something happens to our ride, we break down, we need time for maintenance and to get back in running shape, and sometimes we just slow down and enjoy the scenery. Regardless of where we are on our journey, share the adventure and enjoy the ride. Namaste~ Shakti Vette (Donna)
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    Great trip! Thanks for putting this together Chad. It was nice meeting you and all the others who were on the ride! Steve & Dee.
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    Are you okay? Yes...but I can't get out. Why not? Are you trapped? No, but everyone will know who I am if I do....
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    Bob watering plants at an earlier age.
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    Looks like you qualify as the "mother" of a new 2019 with red interior! 😁
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    Welcome! If you are interested: Corvette Night at Scottsdale Pavilions is every 1st Saturday of the month. Corvettes start showing up at 2:00pm and it goes on all evening. Corvettes & Caddies group meet is every 3rd Saturday morning at 7:00am-11:00am at Bourbon St Wraps in Chandler
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    This was my Thursday, last week. I get pretty awesome access to some air bases. NAF El Centro is the winter home of the Blue Angels, and I get out to see them at least once (on base), and another time or two for other activities during the year. Anyway, after shooting an off base, and then on base practice of the Blue Angels, I get to go to the regular traffic runway for whatever may becoming and going. More to see here. http://www.yarnellpics.com/Airplanes/NAF-El-Centro-February-2018/i-KRHz3BW S.C.
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    Out at Luke this weekend for the show. Just one shot for now, but I did take over 1,000. So there will be more.
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    Do you think that this would be agreeable to Hollywood's anti gunners ?
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    First Saturday of every month. 7000 East Mayo Blvd, Scottsdale 7:00 am to 10:00 am
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    What a beautiful day for a cruise, thanks again to Chad for planning it and to everyone else for the great company. Not sure what happened to the C5Z in Prescott, hope all is good. That's a beautiful car; it's just timeless.
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    “I don’t need active handling, I’m an executive!” .....twatwaffle
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    Got the day off, in for a fun ride! Chas and Annie
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    Quite possibly, could also be the military fairy:
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    Just bought a 2007 LS2. This has been a bucket list item for me, and a dream since I was probably 5 years old. For my 40th birthday, we went all in and finally got that Corvette. It is now my daily driver, my everyday ride, and will be a lot of fun in the upcoming years. I'm especially looking forward to getting it out onto some high speed driving days and opportunities to let her stretch her legs.
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    I just moved over to the Biltmore area this weekend- but I do want to drop it off and have it looked at.
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    He’s so mean. He put his wheel on mine just to check for size. I want those wheels. 😡 The back end is about done. We can’t move forward with the A/C and engine until we have a date that the garage addition is going to start being built.
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    I recommend Bromley’s as well - took care of my C3!
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    And just to make up for the missing shoe, here it is, along with my douchebag Seiko limited edition Automatic Diver Blue Lagoon Samurai. Sorry, no Datejust or Submariner just yet.
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    What a pain in the ass... and back, and knees, and fingers. But after much persistence, I managed to get it replaced without cutting holes, removing intake, or removing PCV tube. Had to buy an 1 1/16" deep socket, which for whatever reason, is cheaper than a 27mm. Use some string with a slip knot around the top to ensure the new one didn't get lost behind everything. It also helped to get the threads started. I wrapped the string around it a few times, dropped it near the hole, and used my "fuck you" finger to balance it in the hole while pulling the string slowly like a pull start lawn mower. I felt the threads catch and proclaimed an exuberant, "Hell YEAH!!" Trying to get the threads started inside the socket wasn't happening.
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