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    This is exactly why ACE exists man, no club BS and exclusivity agenda.
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    THX Mo, looks like yins had a great time and for a bonus...2nd place FTW!!!
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    Hello ACE Crew, Mary and I had a wonderful time busting bugs and burning fuel with everyone today, thank you for having us on the run. See everyone sooooon... See below a few photos we took today, enjoy.
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    ^^^ Buy premium, top-quality gas (recommend Chevron) and put a bottle of Techron in the tank, repeat, repeat may solve the fuel guage issue. I had this same fuel guage issue, it took me 8 tanks of Chevron premium gas/8 bottles of Techron to resolve.
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    New parts for the headlight conversion just came in. Two actuators, switch, relay and 3" 16ga flat steel for the new mounting brackets.
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    I still think you should dump it and go back to a C6 ......
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    Anything big like that, I personally take to Classic Gold in Tempe. The do a lot of Vettes and Joe had a 99 vert, very familiar with them. Between parts and labor, you're going to spend some coin on those fixes I'm afraid. You can also check out Cordes Performance, little further away in Mesa but worth the drive. He's a little more about go-fast stuff but also does all the general mechanical stuff; he also has a C5
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    Let's see her do that without the seal broken first.
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    Dude, this is a “don’t ask, don’t tell” Forum.
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    Very cool bit of history there. . . I remember being at a drive-in movie and the theatre stopping the show to announce "we've got an American walking on the moon." The whole place erupted with hoots and hollers. I'll never forget that. . .
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    Anybody post this already? Neil Armstrong's actual Corvette Good stuff ~1:30
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    I try not get into that console anymore than I have too, AZ heat is awful on plastic products and stuff tends to break. As for insulation, that's the plan while I have everything off. Thinking of using the Home Depot double sided.
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    Thanks for the video and looking forward to the finished project ZR1. Love the dyno shots, engines sound fantastic.
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    . . .aaaaand . . . the MOPAR says "bye bye" Great video Dave, thanks for sharing!
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    Beautiful Z, congrats German. I'm sure you will enjoy it. Also add to the list our son Matt will be tagging along on one of his bikes, not sure which one but he said he would like to go. Thanks.
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    Sorry, we will miss this Sat. Home A/C check up in the am.. Next month....👍 JND
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    NAPA Sells those relatively cheap. I bought some for my 65. Go through their stock to make sure they are a USA product, not Chinese ripoffs.
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    That's some awesome sounding Z. Your work is outstanding. Thanks for the video Joe. Speed Safe.
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    You just did Frank! Thanks for putting this together! Oh, and Donna.... 😁
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    I know what I have for header height now...
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    Not news to anyone that tuning is available for these, but here is our test bed car for what we plan to offer for packages. We already make a very proven and popular 5'' cold air intake for the C7Z and we plan on having our ZR-1 version as well along with a few other products we make for other platforms we will be introducing ZR-1 variants. This is the baseline video of this car which is an A8 and will document this in a series of videos as well along with track times here in AZ with our lovely 3500+ DA
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    For sure! When I turned onto my street yesterday afternoon, I went WOT and I nearly did a 360, she's got a little punch now.
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    Classic, just like the TPS report cover sheet.
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    Great work guys, that's awesome. They sound sick, in a good way....wow.
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    A decent turnout. Good food and Vette folks!
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    Happy Birthday Jimbo, enjoy!
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    I had a claim on a vintage motorcycle. Sent in the estimate and the check was in the mail.
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    Heyyyyy awesome! We should be there. I have a brother flying in from Florida for the weekend, he will understand 😃 or come with us.
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    Not quite Y2K, but close. The radio mfg (Denso) programmed the three digit code into the radio at a time when 3 digits was the norm at only somewhere around 250. Apparently that guy assumed the GPS code would roll over at 999, not the 1024 as is the case. GM, without knowing the future problem, ordered upgraded radios for 2011 models and that programmer knew that the GPS week number code would eventually reach 1024 (aka 2 to the 10th power), so those won't ever have this problem. Now that Denso and GM have egg faces, you can bet that any other programmer or QA guy will be aware of the possible problem. Since this is just starting to hit GM in the butt and all affected cars are out of factory warranty, no fix is currently available. GM/Denso may find a solution or decide to wait until April to see if it cures itself and hope they get another 19 years without it recurring. I'd suspect they'll play the wait and see game, betting on only a small number of cars will be disconnecting the battery in the next 3 months. Dealers will probably tell customers that GM is working to restore everything and should be back to normal in early April. Seeing it's not a safety issue, there won't be a recall.
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    Is the Date for 2019 or is it 2018, If it is Jan 1 2019 we are in Ron & Debbie
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    Mo, Auto Nation Chevrolet in Mesa is where I bought my Camaro. I won't shop anyplace else. The purchase was awesome and their service department is the best in the valley as far as I'm concerned. Anthony is my service advisor and he's great. I think if anyone can figure out the issue with your car, it's them. Good luck and keep us posted.
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    Mikey was just so happy that everyone came together to do this last goodbye. People he didn't recognize were willing to show their respects and that made it even more amazing. I want to thank everyone for their kindness and caring toward one of the nicest guys I've had an opportunity to know. Y'all done really good.
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    Only 89 ZRs made in Velocity that year. It was not my first choice in color but it's grown on me.
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    A lot of Vipers being picked up, excellent choice Mo!
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    I’ll bet someone at the Geezer lunch could probably diagnose the problem for you...lol! Just busting your balls!
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    Check this out: https://www.corvetteforum.com/forums/c5-tech/1029491-dic-code-scm-b2860-h-and-c-i-fixed-it.html I think the other code is for you AC actuators, the pre 2001 cars have issues with the teeth of the internal gears breaking off and they don't fully operate https://www.corvetteforum.com/forums/c5-tech/2845575-havc-code-what-is-it-b0361.html
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    Holloween pics as requested. For all those who thought for a minute they rather be the opposite sex or bi-sexual or backed out of a sex change at the halfway point, this is what it would look like. When you can't make up your mind you get this.
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    Tom is spot on in his last paragraph 😁
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    Thank you all for showing up despite the weather it was great see all you and of course all those cool vettes we sure turned some heads today 😂
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    Hey Peeps, CHECK THE 1st POST! THIS HAS BEEN RESCHEDULED TO A LATER DATE. Hope you all can make it.
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