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    Well....................................let's see. Wheels are .....um no.... OH! Hang on.....offroad headlights are really really.....ahhhh....nevermind. I am trying to be positive. Okay, As a purpose built vehicle, on a modest budget, it performs to the owners requirements, and does not overheat.
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    I couldn't find much during drag week either, but your pics and prose more than made up for Hot Rod's failure. I'm happy your efforts paid off in great results this year. Have a safe trip back home.
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    THX Mo, looks like yins had a great time and for a bonus...2nd place FTW!!!
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    This thread is full of win! Thanks for sharing your adventures with us!
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    Major congrats. It'll make the trip home much nicer than the last time.
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    We are in, this was a good time last year, of course I was running solo, now with the wife going we'll have to see. Havent installed anything from the list Mo posted for the wife so I don't know how I'll be able to drive yet......
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