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    This is exactly why ACE exists man, no club BS and exclusivity agenda.
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    Do you think that this would be agreeable to Hollywood's anti gunners ?
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    Same here. Lots of negative stuff to put behind me. I'm going into 2018 freshly divorced and ready to rebuild my life. Also looking at moving up to a C6. S.C.
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    We're taking some time for ourselves while all the grandkids are at Lego Land. Lunch at the Corvette Diner.
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    No. Try not. Do... or do not. There is no try.
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    ACE @ is for photos of anytime you're in cool places and wearing your ACE shirt. Here's two of mine from last week. ACE @ Yosemite Nat'l Park ACE @ Bonneville Speed Week
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    THX Mo, looks like yins had a great time and for a bonus...2nd place FTW!!!
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    Beautiful Z, congrats German. I'm sure you will enjoy it. Also add to the list our son Matt will be tagging along on one of his bikes, not sure which one but he said he would like to go. Thanks.
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    That's some awesome sounding Z. Your work is outstanding. Thanks for the video Joe. Speed Safe.
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    I know what I have for header height now...
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    Heyyyyy awesome! We should be there. I have a brother flying in from Florida for the weekend, he will understand πŸ˜ƒ or come with us.
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    Only 89 ZRs made in Velocity that year. It was not my first choice in color but it's grown on me.
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    Pay to fix it,will be worth it in the long run. Even if they decide to get rid of it down the road it will aid in the sale. Bandaid fixes usually wind up doing more harm than good...
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    Lifetime warranty when you do it yourself! πŸ˜‰
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    Only non Z's have the change and it's 09+. Telling you all z06 axle backs and mid pipes are exactly the same.
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    Sounds good.. Spent many a day at the fountain in high school getting drunk by the lake playing frisbee golf..Hee Hee. Put Jeff N Donna down for a maybe, our daughter is getting married Friday so we need to see how we feel...
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    A few pics from today’s show...Congrats to Dan for his win C5 - C7 Class!
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    Looks like a pretty cool car show and concert out at the Goodyear Ball park on 3/31. Go to www.musclekingz.com to register and for details. The concert has several bands including 38 Special and Night Ranger
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    Lonnie has built more than several cars. He’s been doing his own work for 35 years other than the paint. He knows this stuff well. This is his latest.
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    My co-pilot is down with the flu so I will be a no show. Welcome back Phil, sorry to miss you today.
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    Post a photo of your first Corvette. Extra points for pictures with you in it! Mine was a '70, a true 5 footer, until the paint started crazing on the door tops. It was a textbook example why it's better to buy the best you can find vs one needing a little of this and that. It was 8 years old but had previously been winter driven (Michigan) which facilitated a cutting torch to change the non working air shocks on the rear. I did my first....... and last engine rebuild on this one. Of course I loved it and the passage of time lessens the "warts" and embellishes the rest. I sold it, funded an IRA and bought a new Yamaha motorcycle. A few years later I went into Vette withdrawal and took the cure and have been fine ever sense.
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    What a great time we had. It was so nice to be able to relax and catch up. Tim and Johni thanks for you for putting this out there. Donna it is always fun hanging out. We need to do this more often. Now if we get just winπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. To all you newbies, if you get a chance to go on this trip next time, we highly recommend it. Here is the finger at 6:30 a.m. this morning. 😎😎
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    When I saw the 11.45@117 on the second pass and never saw the car again, I thought something was wrong. Then when the Tuesday results got posted and showed a 11.12@120, I just wrote it off to a different track, since a lot of cars were running slower. Sorry you had problems. Here's your passes at 1:43:43 and 5:15:30. BTW, there were 73 cars who dropped out by day 4 and I'd guess a few more who never made it back to Cordova to run on day 5. You were not alone.
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    Great driving and a great video! See you soon!
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    Happy Belated Michael... Hope ya had a great day!
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    So congratulations there! was almost expecting to see something like this
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    I still got faith in my team. PENS IN 7...
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    Ha made ya look... The Penguins are headed to the Stanley Cup Finals... yes I said FINALS!!!
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    Who's going to San Diego this weekend? And is anyone meeting on the west side?
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    First off, I'm thankful for the concern they will have enough food to fill me up. As for the east siders', let's meet at El Polo Loco as usual at Arizona Mills at 10:00 and depart by 10:10. I would never go over the posted speed limit as that is illegal ya know!
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    I like the car, but sure miss those chrome wheels. I'm guessing someone was already messing with the painted ones, since the center emblem is not in the factory position. Gotta get that fixed before the car show police notice.
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    The lot tends to pack up and go home after a 4:00 pm. I stopped at 6:00 and caught Tom with his '82 as he was leaving.
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    That recall has been completed on your car
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    Listen to Joe. ECS kit all the way. I've had A&A and ECS kits, ECS is much nicer. Will drive like stock, add 150+rwhp, and you will love it. Turbo all the way if it wasn't a vette. There is just no room to do a nice kit on a vette. I'm Mr Turbo, and love turbos, but there is no good way to do a nice DD turbo setup on a vette unless you plan on dropping $60k+ into it for a lot of custom work.
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    You have nuts in your mouth???
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    I don’t know how to make these things just show up,so http://youtu.be/QsxV49pmnL8 and Mmmm Beer
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    Wheels and tires are gonna cost you around $150-$200 to ship. If ya have a buddy at a tire shop he might just could get you a hook up on that as well. Shipping them is easy, you just place cardboard over the wheel and wrap it in cling wrap. If you're looking local, drop them on Craigslist too. When you advertise them, push them on the C4 guys as a great upgrade. They fit and look good, just ask Robert (Quicktrip). C5 guys with wagon wheels might want them, but they're a tough sell for most C5 guys. You might provide a source for the pressure sensors as well for people too lazy to look it up on their own. That'll give em one less reason to pass on the deal.
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