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    "WHAT"!!!!!! 2:20 Mark's says, and I quote......"I DONT LIKE RED"! You just got disowned by the whole state of Nebraska. Lol
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    Well....................................let's see. Wheels are .....um no.... OH! Hang on.....offroad headlights are really really.....ahhhh....nevermind. I am trying to be positive. Okay, As a purpose built vehicle, on a modest budget, it performs to the owners requirements, and does not overheat.
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    This was a fun brochure to go through! 2020corvettestingrayplaybook.pdf
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    What a great time we had. It seemed like a lot of cars too. Thank you Chad. It was great meeting new members, especially when they’re on the east valley side 😃😃. We actually had 6 cars show up!
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    We are looking for a replacement entry light for our home. I found this on one of the lighting supply shops website. I thought it was a joke, but it is legit.
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    Okay, I'm getting more and more comfortable with maybe doing this myself....maybe.....maybe not.... I built myself a test circuit to be able to use a 9 volt battery with so I won't have to keep plugging into the car all the time to test the light out. I'm still hesitant about heating the bulbs up and removing them from the board but I may give it a shot. If I do, I'll let you know how it went, good or bad... Tomorrow I will be setting up my new computer I had built for me so I don't think I'll be able to get to this light thing until next weekend. I'm actually doing this to keep the tension for you guys at it's highest level because I know you're all stressing out with the outcome and whether I can do it or not. Keeps that adrenaline up because that's good for ya...
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    I often remind my yoga students that our lives on the mat reflect our lives off the mat. Learn to breathe on the mat can teach you to breathe off the mat. Learn to become less reactive in a challenging pose on the mat, can teach you to become less reactive to a challenging situation off the mat. Learn patience and non-judgement towards yourself on the mat, can teach you to be more patient and less judgmental off the mat. Learn to be still and a sense of introspection on the mat, can carry with you off the mat. Our yoga practice can offer all this and more, but can other passions in our lives also offer learning opportunities? My husband and I belong to a Corvette Enthusiast Group. There is a forum where people go on to share their stories, pictures, comments, and advice. We meet periodically to go on cruises around the state, meet for lunches and picnics, and otherwise share our passion for the great American Muscle Car, the Chevrolet Corvette. The group consists of members of all ages, primarily a little older group as this tends to be the age you can begin to afford this type of car, as it’s usually not your daily driver. Corvette’s tend to like to be the Diva car of the family, sitting pristine in the garage (also known as the Garage Queen) until it’s time to take her out, show her off, and run her like crazy. The members name their cars and have more pics of their cars in their phones, then their own kids (not really, but close)! Corvette owners have a language of their own, you get to know what Bowling Green, C1-C7, Fuelie, LS Engines, Matching Numbers. NOS, Split Window, Stingray, Z06, Grand Sport, and Targa means. We did a cruise with the group yesterday to the town of Gila Bend, Arizona. Small town in western Arizona, usually pretty quiet until a herd of loud Corvettes drive through. As we were cruising, I was ruminating on how cruising in a fast car is not unlike life itself. Sometimes the road ahead is open and clear, you can hit the gas and let your hair blow in the wind. Enjoying life as it fly’s by at 100 miles an hour (65 for any police reading this). Sometimes there are obstacles impeding our progress, we are forced to slow down and take stock. Sometimes we pass others on the same journey as we, sometimes we get passed by. Occasionally something happens to our ride, we break down, we need time for maintenance and to get back in running shape, and sometimes we just slow down and enjoy the scenery. Regardless of where we are on our journey, share the adventure and enjoy the ride. Namaste~ Shakti Vette (Donna)
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    Years ago Van's service writer advised me that I needed my C5 tires rotated - 17s/18s with directional tires. Guess I looked like a clueless woman with a Corvette to him, he seemed surprised when I cancelled my service appointment.
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    I made lemonade out of lemons. My repair now includes a z06 grill upgrade for no additional cost. I’m loving Autonation Collision.
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    Took a 950+ mile motorcycle road trip, including the Devil's Highway. . .
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    Congrats Tim !!! Very nice perk to have remembering the years put in. It's the only thing I got after 43 years in the biz ..... but am thankful for it .........
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    Thanks all. And with my new tagline PLUS the bonus from the ACE art dept... I have modified my C8 specs to mimic my very first Corvette: In December 1972 I ordered a brand new '73 C3 Convertible 4-speed, silver with saddle leather interior + color matched removable hardtop! So my new one will look like this: And thank you Donna, really looking forward to your buns. -Bill
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    Wait. . .what???? Isn't he Mr. Husker?
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    I made Mr. Po Po's day. He said he's been waiting for some one like me to come and I told him that "I got there as fast as I could". He did not have a sense of humor.
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    Wow!!! Now that's what I'm talking about. My choices are #2 and #7. I love the way your hood looks in number 2. Plus it seems to have a great car to landscape ratio.
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    I got it......I got it HE-HE-he-he-he-he-It's all mine.alllllllllll mine and better yet I'm an ACEhole again.
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    Just hit our 100th youtube episode and it's a small collaboration of some of our favorite builds the past year. We do so many it's really hard to pick one lol.
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    Does anyone else think that stuff like this makes you wonder what websites John U visits?
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    Enjoying my first hour of being retired again. . .
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    Wait, what? Mo, you're not driving that fine example of automotive engineering on this cruise?????
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    Yard art. This ties in with ^
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    New Look for our GS. NO MORE CHROME....! Restored GS wheels, done by https://www.phoenixrimrepair.com/ This company does awesome work. Need anything powdered coated they can do it. Wheels and tires mounted with this machine. Full ZR1 Spoiler kit. Centennial Edition Fender badges. Refinished rotors. New tires, Continental extremecontact, treadwear 340. Thanx for looking... Jeff -n- Donna
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    Great product and support as far as installation goes. All set up, speedometer and fuel gauges all calibrated. Picked up at SoCal, they were great to work with. Doug Bromley gave me a few tips as well, thanks!
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    Moving right along. It won't be long before you'll forget the way it used to be.
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    Are you okay? Yes...but I can't get out. Why not? Are you trapped? No, but everyone will know who I am if I do....
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    Looks like you qualify as the "mother" of a new 2019 with red interior! 😁
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    Welcome! If you are interested: Corvette Night at Scottsdale Pavilions is every 1st Saturday of the month. Corvettes start showing up at 2:00pm and it goes on all evening. Corvettes & Caddies group meet is every 3rd Saturday morning at 7:00am-11:00am at Bourbon St Wraps in Chandler
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    Same here. Lots of negative stuff to put behind me. I'm going into 2018 freshly divorced and ready to rebuild my life. Also looking at moving up to a C6. S.C.
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    Ceramic coat them,the best way to control heat and make them last period.
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    I've used a CR Spotless for a number of years for the final rinse.
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    Isle Mujeres, Cancun
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    Smitty and Stormy cruisin teh Dysart! I should have burned rubba all teh way thru that intersection! I'm still alive and kickin, and next time I'll make time to catch up with ya Timmeh!
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    Sorry, 90 in a 65 on a city freeway (sustained) they are just doing their job. DPS stands for department of public safety.
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