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    Saw a black C5 off to the side with the hazzards on, Ajo Way in west Tucson just before Kinney rd. Turned around and asked to see if she was alright, said help was on the way. Hope all was taken care of if any members here. Tried to help our own_
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    Years ago Van's service writer advised me that I needed my C5 tires rotated - 17s/18s with directional tires. Guess I looked like a clueless woman with a Corvette to him, he seemed surprised when I cancelled my service appointment.
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    Yeah, I never lost the C1to C3 lovin. I have owned a C3 since I was 21 years old. Got my 58 when I turned 18. Oh yeah, I also had Stingray bikes!
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    Right with ya! So torn for a next project to either be a C5Z,or a chrome bumper car updated with a more modern driveline etc.
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    We're taking some time for ourselves while all the grandkids are at Lego Land. Lunch at the Corvette Diner.
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    No. Try not. Do... or do not. There is no try.
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    The next time you are in the area of 12st and Camelback bring the vehicle in to Coulter Cadillac. I'll see what we can do to assist you with this.
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    I'm in love with my new C7. Thanks to Joe at corvettes and caddies yesterday, I renewed my hope to find a good deal on one and actually found it same day. It was a trade in at 1,900 miles. This thing actually even reads my texts to me when they come in and asks me to respond. It's crazy! The base model is so loaded, nothing more than that was needed. Chevy has it right with the C7s.
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    FWIW Staceys old truck (o5 GMC) had a low pitch whistle like that. Would only occur at certain speeds and if we were driving into a headwind. Finally figured out it was the windshield seal up by the rear view mirror
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    For protection, we tried a relatively new two step hybrid coating process called Crystal Serum Light and EXO. The CSL is designed to add hardness to the paint, provide superior chemical resistance, and UV protection. The EXO coating goes on top of the CSL and is extremely hydrophobic. Together, they last 3-5 YEARS. With careful washing, this car will be protected for a long time. At a later date, we will be doing the wheels and plastic. Stay tuned!
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    Lonnie just got done with his and headed to the tracks tomorrow morning. IMG_9571.mov
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    Smitty and Stormy cruisin teh Dysart! I should have burned rubba all teh way thru that intersection! I'm still alive and kickin, and next time I'll make time to catch up with ya Timmeh!
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    AZmotorhead is working on a RED Vette? Has Hell frozen over? Beautiful car!
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    Just so you won't be disappointed, Slammer doesn't look like his signature pic!!!
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    So, Diablo Stadium parking lot worked perfect, thanks for the suggestion. For those who previously inquired, purpose was to teach granddaughter how to drive a manual transmission today.
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    I got a carpet water extractor to help me clean carpets and cloth upholstery. And...I got me a 100 psi, 300 degree F steam cleaner for cleaning interiors and sanitizing vents. It feels like Christmas in July!
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    Spend a day out of the heat. . . Saturday August 20th, cruise to Flagstaff via the back roads. Route: Payson/Strawberry/Happy Jack/Flagstaff. Lunch at Beaver Street Brewery: http://www.beaverstreetbrewery.com/ The Brewery opens at 11:00. They DO NOT take reservations, even for large groups. So, the plan is to be there when they open the doors at 11:00. . . Back into the blast furnace via I-17. 7:30 a.m. meet for a prompt 8:00 a.m. departure. MEET POINT: Chevron station, southeast corner of Beeline (Hwy 87) and Ft. McDowell Road. This is the second traffic light north of the intersection of Beeline and Shea Blvd (approximately 2 miles). Turn right off Beeline, and an immediate right into the Chevron. Drive through the fuel islands, and bear left into the parking lot on the side of the building. Food, drinks, fuel, restrooms available. Route and itinerary will be provided at the meet point. Post up here if you’re in! IN: Extender32 (2) Chameleon coconut girl scott Kahuna1 (2) XxDoubledgexX (2) hotinphx (2) Daivalor (2) badbobs95 Cu4L8R (2) roneva (2) MAYBE: ZR1fast
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    Event summary added to Calendar to be auto-posted on ACE's Twitter and Facebook pages.
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