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    What a great time we had. It seemed like a lot of cars too. Thank you Chad. It was great meeting new members, especially when they’re on the east valley side πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ. We actually had 6 cars show up!
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    Scott & Naomi here! SE Chandler. New to the group. Haven’t had a Corvette in almost 10 long years. We just picked up a like new 2016 Stingray Z51. Looking forward to participating in group events and meeting people! were in πŸ‘
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    My ADD didn't play in my favor with this long exhaustive process, IPA between each step to ensure no residue. Strip existing wax and sealants Clay Mild cut Polish Final Polish 2x Ceramic a day between
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    No shame in being passed by a retired race car driver.
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    Lonnie: and he ends his video with a mopar passing him. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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    . . .aaaaand . . . the MOPAR says "bye bye" Great video Dave, thanks for sharing!
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    With a couple @Eddie44 & @roneva that met us in Cottonwood, make it 25 ! We lost @David Edgington in the C4 Vert to the Prescott square bizarre (hope you didn't buy too many lawn ornaments ), but it was a GREAT turnout!
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    For those who did not make it We missed you too. Let me show you how to prepare the night before! First Commandeer an 18 wheeler car carrier. Then Crack it open to confirm Vette is inside. Extract said Vette Go Home Sleep Get up early There's driving in them there hills to be done! Birth_Medium.mp4
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    Mine is suuuuper difficult though. theChad - Chad & Megan
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    Dakotaz - Steve 90 white vert Wife Cynthia Cyn
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    We will give it a try in July
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    Well... I could let YOU lead instead! But I'll understand. Next event!! ADDED!!
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    Beautiful Z, congrats German. I'm sure you will enjoy it. Also add to the list our son Matt will be tagging along on one of his bikes, not sure which one but he said he would like to go. Thanks.
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    AWESOME...! See U all next month... A++++++++ on the turnout...
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    We had a great turnout this morning in the Westside! 24 cars showed up. Thanks to everybody that showed up! See you in July.
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    Sorry, we will miss this Sat. Home A/C check up in the am.. Next month....πŸ‘ JND
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    I fixed one leaker, again last week. Second time in the same hole in four years. All the others have been fine since I went steel sleeves 15 yrs ago. ( the originals lasted 23 yrs). The stainless piston showed galling as it rubbed against the sleeve. I polished it up with the Dremel and dropped it back in with a new seal and we'll see what happens in another two years. The sleeves in your second caliper look like an advertisement for changing brake fluid to get the water out of the system...... but you are in dry AZ not the moisture ridden north where my car is kept. If we did our due diligence correctly we knew our C3's would do this sooner of later. A little sweat equity on the garage floor and all is good for a few more years. I hated parting with my OEM outline lettered Goodyears but I did not want to pay the Coker Tire price for their reproductions. I did T/A's and they perform fine. I had them rebalanced last week after 4 years and drove 300ish miles today with no complaints. The white letters do have a nasty habit of turning yellowish after a few days. I'll take sandpaper to them and they look great for a few days and yellow again..... yup, I've tried every chemical known to man to clean a tire with and the result is the same.
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    NAPA Sells those relatively cheap. I bought some for my 65. Go through their stock to make sure they are a USA product, not Chinese ripoffs.
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    Not working. Susie has a function at the Magic Castle! 😎
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    Skiatook, OK..……. or as the Natives would say "Sky a took" the town a way
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    Hope this gets to be a great gathering place. I will be there someday I hope but won’t be anytime soon unfortunately.
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    Well this is right around the corner from our house, I won't have a Vette but I will be there in support.
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    At least the boat matches..
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    That's some awesome sounding Z. Your work is outstanding. Thanks for the video Joe. Speed Safe.
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    I did the Frost king and it did help ...also went to dual tunnel plates with air space between the plates.. HOXXOH gave me that idea...
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    Logistics & Directions: Multiple valley congregation points will form and all proceed to the McDonalds @ I-17 / Carefree Hwy for the launch point. Depending on participation from the far West, Wickenburg may possibly become a final launch point TBA later. I think we West Siders would like to do the normal meet point right before the turn off b4 Yarnell Hill. MOBILE Gas Station on the 93 37770 Vulture Mine Road........ We discussed this at the Cofffee and Dognuts Saturday.... Remember ACE Holes, you do not have to be father to attend.... this cruz is a lot of fun, beautiful scenery, and tons of turns on the way up which we all hate........> hee hee Meet at our house 8:15, leave time 8:30 then we will head to the DQ/MOBILE PM me for address.
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