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  2. mrhusker

    Free C5 Key Fob.

    I agree, love the story behind the antique fob. That alone should make it worth more. If it had the passive entry I’d take it but without that, it won’t work with my car. Guess it goes to the next person with a newer C5.
  3. mrhusker

    Corvettes and Coffee - Westside!!!

    How this gets to be a great gathering place. I will be there someday I hope but won’t be anytime soon unfortunately.
  4. Frank L

    Corvettes and Coffee - Westside!!!

    Great! See you there!
  5. Desertdawg

    Every Day Random Picture Thread

    Yeah I can see why you would want to move there.
  6. Desertdawg

    Free C5 Key Fob.

    I enjoyed the read. Well worth the time lost on porn to read that.
  7. Chameleon

    Corvettes and Coffee - Westside!!!

    I plan to attend...
  8. Vette R & D

    Free C5 Key Fob.

    In 2005 I lost a key fob for our 2004 C5 corvette, Several years later it was discovered that indeed I had not lost My Keys. The Sofa had ate them. Well we donated the old sofa again several years ago to Goodwill. While loading the sofa low and behold a complete set of keys, Well since the corvette was sold in 2006 I had no use for it so it ended up on the bottom of the junk drawer. Now I know this has never happened to anyone else before but that's my story and I'm sticking to it. So being corvette less which is a Chromic Condition that could only be controlled by Getting another Corvette I was forced by health conditions in 2018 to once again buy a corvette. That is when we found this club ( GANG ). Now that the corvette I bought in 2018 was lost in an auto accident April 30, 2019 ( May she rest in peace ) I'm again without a corvette. Well since I couldn't go on any corvette runs, I cleaned out the junk drawer. So If you read to here you know what I found, again. Here is the catch the Key Fob is free to the first ACE member that wants it, but they must come in their C5 to pick it up, the battery is probably dead and I have no clue how to program it any more but it worked fine when it was eaten. OK there you have the details hope you enjoyed the read.
  9. Yesterday
  10. Vette R & D

    SOLD For Sale: 2015 Stingray Z51, 3LT, Auto

    Awesome congrats, Can't wait to see the new ride. Will it be here for the fathers Day picnic run to Prescott June 8?
  11. Vette R & D

    Corvettes and Coffee - Westside!!!

    Well this is right around the corner from our house, I won't have a Vette but I will be there in support.
  12. Chameleon

    Every Day Random Picture Thread

    Holy Cow!!!
  13. P51tj

    Every Day Random Picture Thread

    Right down the road from our build, the build is pretty much an island at the moment ... that is our go to Tastee Freeze..looks like they will be closed for awhile...
  14. P51tj

    CPR project zr1 back on the dyno

    That there is some good stuff Joe!
  15. P51tj

    Happy Birthday Cherye a.k.a Wickedfastvette

    Happy Belated Cherye, hope you had a wonderful day!
  16. Last week
  17. Welcome @David Edgington & @chris & debby !! List updated to a dozen ! Let's go ACE ! The more the merrier!
  18. Shakti Vette

    Couch, Love Seat, Ottoman, Italian made, Black Leather

    Price Drop.. $500.00 MUST SELL...>!
  19. Welcome Chris and Debby, greetings from Cave Creek.
  20. Welcome to the forum, Chris! To all: Chris and Debbie are super people, great friends and Corvette lovers.New to the Valley, but not to Corettes and car events generally.
  21. chris & debby

    Father's Day Cottonwood Cruise & Picnic - Saturday, June 8

    Debby and I will be there Chris
  22. y2krtaf

    Happy Birthday Cherye a.k.a Wickedfastvette

    Happy Belated Birthday!
  23. HOXXOH

    Target App users .....read this!

    Van in Scottsdale charges a fee if you order online (gmpartscenter.net) and pickup rather than ship. You won't know it or how much until you arrive. Sands in Glendale/Surprise (gmpartsoutlet.net) won't allow a pickup if you order online. They only ship orders, even if it's right next door. Midway in Phoenix (gmpartsshop.com) completely shut off their online parts after Warren Buffet (Berkshire-Hathaway) bought them and 27 other Phoenix area dealerships.
  24. I have a couple of C5 goodies to get out of the garage: Jacking pucks for C5, C6, and C7. $45 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Corvette-Aluminum-Jack-Jacking-Lift-Pads-Puck-C5-C6-C7-/280962689310 2003 Z06 Titanium axleback. Great shape, only 18k miles. $275 99-04 C5 Corvette FRC/ZO6 Covercraft Flannel Indoor Car Cover - Tan [C16555TF] Only used twice. Grommet for the antenna needs to be patched or sewn in. $125 PM or email: stanger02@hotmail.com
  25. Extender32

    GM Special Coverage 14717

    I was viewing my onstar account over the weekend and I found that I had this GM special coverage 14717. This covers 05-13, 6 speed man clutch master cylinder replacement. My vette has exhibited the non clutch pedal return several times during a 6 to 3 downshift, but I just used my toe to move the pedal back. I am including the link for the service bulletin. https://gm.oemdtc.com/4335/clutch-activation-system-2005-2013-chevrolet-corvette

    Leaky rear carrier 91 mechanic recommendation?

    Well I took the CMSH's suggestion and the did a good job. Went ahead and replaced the axle seals and pinion seal while they were in there. $1200 but no more leaks for now. GC
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