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  2. JohnU

    Barrett -Jackson Scottsdale 2019

    16,000+ steps there today with 1,000+ at RM Sothebys. My "dogs" are barking.
  3. Yesterday

    Drag Racing Fast List

    While looking for stuff for Allen's (RR Bob's step-son) memorial to Bob, I see I had failed to post up the slip I had on the same weekend Bob got his best time. So here it is. Name - Tom Year - 2008 Model - base coupe Factory performance items - F55 Aftermarket performance modifications - 4000 stall converter, headers, ported intake manifold, CAI, Skinnies, DR, tune Location - Sacramento Raceway Date - 1-3-2015 ET - 10.8023 MPH - 126.84
  5. mrhusker

    Hawthorn Court at Ahwatukee - Again

    Anyone else feel like doing this on this date or would a different date work better?
  6. Last week
  7. Ultra-Shield Race Products black racing suit medium pants, meeting SFI 3.2A/1 specs. Brand new and still in the unopened package. Original price $47. specs at https://www.ultrashieldrace.com/catalog/product/apparel-on-sale-now-sfi-driver-suits-shoes-gloves-and-collars/driver-suits-shoes-gloves/pants/ Can be your's for $20.
  8. Crow Enterprizes 5-point racing harness meets SFI 16.1 specs. Kam lock style w/clip on belts. Only used for 3 events. OEM price is $199. https://www.parts123.com/parts123/dyndetail.pta?catalog=0000371a&uKeY=AAAHM Compare to Simpson $249 with bolt on belts. https://www.amazon.com/Simpson-Racing-29108BK-Cam-Lock-Pull-Down/dp/B0006HLT48/ref=sr_1_8?keywords=simpson+5+point+harness&qid=1547753181&sr=8-8 Crow is the only major manufacturer to offer re-certification by replacing the belt material for $60. Can be your's for $100

    Drag radials & wheels

    Hoosier 275/40x17 drag radials and OEM C4 9.5x17 A-molds. Mounted, balanced, and with metal valve stems. This lightweight combo (41#) can hold up to 600 whp. Christopher Martin (aka Subfloor) has 560+ whp and 1.40 times with these tires. I've personally run 60' times of 1.48 with my LS3 bolt-on that's estimated to be in the same 450-460 whp range of a Z06. Current price and specs for the wheels is $275 each. https://www.autorimshop.com/chevrolet-corvette-1996-17-front-wheel-rim-5035.html Current price and specs for the tires are $234 each. http://www.mccormackracing.com/cgi-bin/list.pl?sc=hdotdragradial&display=hoosierdotdrag1&method=exact&order_by=ID&order=123 $400 and you'll be ready to race.
  10. chadmac99c5

    arizona car, anyone this car

  11. JohnU

    Top 50 in C7 sales

    I purchased at Kerbeck but picked it up at the Museum. That's the "play"!
  12. scottcolbath

    ACEhole Challenge - Now versus Then

    It was an XL, but XL is tight on me right now. But I still toss one on here and there. S.C.
  13. GTIMANiac

    Dealer for LS9 (ZR1) Service?

    Honeycomb in the passenger cat was the culprit. Will just have CPR do headers and pipes all at once. Started to throw P0430 and passenger side exhaust temps are higher than driver.
  14. Red64

    Lt and Rt front spindles for a '64 Vette

    Yes I did and thanks for your offer
  15. Dave64

    • Dave64
    • Red64

    Did you find the front spindles for your conversion?



  16. Red64

    New top for my '64

    So after a "bit" of a delay, I made an appointment with Adam Parker to install a new top on my '64. Wow! He did an excellent job and the Vette really looks good with the new top. In February I am installing front disk brakes for safety reasons, I am sick and tired of idiots on cell phones pulling out in front of me and doing stupid things like stopping and me downshifting through 4 gears and pumping drum brakes to stop. After that, I just might be done doing things on the car...............maybe
  17. theChad

    Happy Birthday XxDoubledgexX (Marcelo)!

    Happy Birthday !
  18. Extender32

    anybody live in Buckeye

    I can go and take a look for you if you send me a name and phone number of the seller.
  19. I need some good C6 base (JL9) rotors - Front 12.8 dia x 1.26 and Rear 12.0 x 1.02 that have no more than .03 wear. I have for trade J55 aka Z51 size rotors Front 13.4 dia x 1.26 and Rear 13.0 x 1.02 with .005 wear, plus brackets, calipers, hoses, race pads, and street pads.
  20. Chameleon

    Hot Rod Nights WestGate

    I think the "powers that be" are making a mistake. See you at Fat Tuesday's!
  21. SixAddict

    GM full length spoiler (C6)

  22. Shakti Vette

    C6 Grand Sport Speed Lingerie Bra

    Dropped Price.........>! $200.00 Was asking $300.00
  23. Shakti Vette

    Corrugated metal sheets

  24. Earlier
  25. Have you used http://www.oemgmpartsoutlet.com ? I got an extra key fob for my last Vette there and the price was decent. I got an email from them for 20% off shipping. "LASTCHANCE20" I think.
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