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  2. Vette R & D

    Vivid Wrap

    Don, is that a wrap on the side mirror?
  3. Yesterday
  4. Chameleon

    Escape the Heat Cruise & Lunch Saturday, August 17th

    Timmeh, does this mean you and your lovely bride are IN?????
  5. 🤣 lol. very similar it’s sounds like 🤦🏻‍♂️
  6. Last week
  7. Shakti Vette

    Corvettes and Coffee - Westside!!!

    Yes, July 6th is the next one.
  8. Extender32

    Members user names and real names

    Extender32- Greg 2012 Centennial Ed ZR1. SRT8/Vette-Julie 78 Indy Pace Car
  9. Yep, used it on the white walls of my 73' Catalina and the raised white lettering on my Monte Carlo SS.
  10. theChad

    Just for Timmeh P51TJ

  11. Blk n Blu

    C 3 nine leaf rear spring

    9 leaf spring needs liners & bands call Cave Creek. $ .02
  12. German

    X-Pel Installation

    Where'd you get that picture of my living room? :^)
  13. Extender32

    DIY Ceramic done

    With a clear bra, just wash & wax as usual and you can even use a DA to polish if need be, I do this to mine frequently.
  14. Great video Ron, glad your enjoying your GS!
  15. Big Tom

    Curt Hitch for C6

    Well it sold today. Perseverance pays off....LOL
  16. GTIMANiac

    Costco micro fiber towels.

    I use Chemical Guys Waffle Microfiber and no lint. Also newsprint works great on non-tinted windows, works great on mirrors too. Coffee filters work well too.
  17. Earlier
  18. HOXXOH

    hot center console

    You'll never completely stop the heat from the exhaust, but you can somewhat limit what enters the cockpit with insulation under the carpet. The Home Depot stuff works as good as anything and is just a fraction of the price of other methods.
  19. roneva

    Loss of XM Radio

    I am wired into the XM for my iPod since 2005-2010 Corvettes can't have Nav and a UBS port. The button on the screen for XM disappeared this week end and would not re appear. I ended up pulling the fuse for the radio, then re inserting it and the XM button re appeared and works fine now. In case someone may not know to do this, I thought I would post it. I don't use the XM service because I have over 12,000 songs on my iPod.
  20. CrimsonNCream

    ACE Window Decals

    Thanks Donna! I will look forward to meeting you on Saturday! Jerry
  21. Vette R & D

    Free C5 Key Fob.

    Key Fob went to Dave64, Thanks Guys
  22. GTIMANiac

    WestGate Hot Rod Nights

    If I finish up the paint correction and ceramic treatment I have been procrastinating to finish I am heading over tonight, if anyone else is going PM me. It's exhausting and ADD sure doesn't help with such a tedious process.
  23. Chameleon

    Escape the Heat Cruise and Lunch

    Go here for details and to sign up! https://www.arizonacorvetteenthusiasts.net/topic/30432-escape-the-heat-cruise-lunch-saturday-august-17th/
  24. JohnU

    C1 Corvette internet pre-purchase inspection

    I'd contact someone from the NCRS club there to match you up with a suitable mentor. http://soarizonancrs.com/contact/
  25. Ted Y

    Paint & Body Shop

    I recommend Phoenix Body Works at 22012 N 19 Avenue. 623-582-1434. They are where I would go.
  26. SixAddict

    Scuderia C&C - No June event

    When I was there in April, I heard they were taking a couple months off. I was there the first Saturday in May but it was to go to C2 tactical for some range time, no cars there then either.
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