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A Pair of CPR C7 Z's at the track!

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e have been so slammed lately that i've been seriously slacking on posting in here. We've had a bunch of events and figured I would finally take some time to post up a pair of our C7Z builds that ran and the times they achieved. 

The 10.002 pass was on a bolt on Z we did with the following mods, he normally cuts 1.4 60ft's but the car wasn't doing that this time (we had thrown roughly 50 rwhp more at the car since the previous 1.4's.) DA was mid 3000 that day also. 

18% pulley, arh longtubes, halltech intake, meth, e54, forgeline wheels 18'' w/ a mickey thompson DR in the rear. stock heat exchanger and no expansion tank either. 640/730. This package we can offer 3 day turnaround service w/ tuning 

The 9 second pass was from a customer in vegas and DA up there is typically mid 4k-5k. 

Our upper pulley, 9% lower, headers, cai, our heads/cam package, our cooling package (hx & tank) 18'' wheels w/ a drag radial 730/740 , this package we can do 5-6 day business turnaround service depending on when we receive the car to start. in better air this car would easily trap 145-146 btw. 

nic time slip.jpg

bosko time.jpg

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