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      Create a Calendar Event Also !! Click me for info.   10/19/2016

      When you create a new ACE Event, don't forget to also create a Calendar Event here: http://www.arizonacorvetteenthusiasts.net/calendar/   Calendar Events get automatically published to the ACE Facebook and Twitter pages for maximum member readability.   [Create Event] Enter the start & end Date & Time and select whether it's a single, all-day event, or a single event between the hours of, or a recurring event (this event repeats). Select the Community Calendar. Enter a Title - E.g. Cruise to Prescott Oct. 15 @ 9am Enter a Description - This is a great place to paste the link to your original ACE Event Thread where most of the logistics, event info, RSVP, etc. information will be more up to date. Upload a Cover Photo - A picture of the location, event flyer, or custom image. Enter a Location - This will attempt to auto-fill the exact address in order to embed a map of the location. Album & RSVP are optional - Typically albums are not reserved for events and RSVP's are usually tracked within the original Event Thread. [Submit Event]   If you have any issues, or need additional help, reach out to one of the Staff or Admins.

6th Annual "Escort the Kids to Camp" Arizona Camp Sunrise. July 16th

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2 hours ago, aenigma said:

Ok but wait....were you the unofficial photographer? If so, I didn't mean to step on toes. I love to take pictures and capture moments, and I always take way too many.  

No not me...i just thought you did such a great job capturing the event! Never Too Many!

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