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    I have a set I'll give you just send your mailing address
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    I replaced mine with clear and then (after 8+ years) sold my C6. I have the originals (both front & back) in my garage (somewhere).
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    I always knew Superman was a sissy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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    My C5, just a year ago, had a micro crack on the driver side radiator tank neck where the upper hose connects. Those end caps are plastic and can crack with age. I ended up doing the whole cooling system at ~85K+ miles. Rad, water pump, hoses, belts, pulleys. The overflow tank's "t" connector cracked just a year or two before the rad also. Check all that stuff!!
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    Check see if that hissing is coming from the surge tank, pretty common on the C5 for those to crack. Crack = loss of pressure=higher temps I'd more bet to remedy the temps you need to clean the radiator and condenser. Scary the muck that gets sucked into those
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    Looks good so far. Not sure what you used for a filler, they make a special SMC repair compound. I have never done a repair quite like this but I would scuff around the repair area, spray a sealer over the repair and into surrounding area. Let dry and wet sand the sealer so it's a smooth transition. Scuff the whole door. Degrease and tack the whole door. Then spray base coat on the repair area until it is covered, then blend into the surrounding area. Remember to spray your last coat (control coat) almost dry so you don't have streaks and the metallic sets on top. Let this dry and then clear coat the whole door, I usually do three coats so I can cut and buff any debris / orange peel out. You can spot clear an area, but factory clear coat is so thin you may burn through when buffing out the clear on a spot repair. That is why I clear the whole panel or door in your case.
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    Yeah but you needed it to see over the steering wheel ,,,,
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    I might imagine that one of those asian ones meant for the moped / motorcycle might just fit in the waterfall area. Perfect for the young one to witness 2nd gear rips!
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    Nice cruise. Kahuna really drove that thing with a bum wing! It was nice to escape the valley and enjoy some time with the Aceholes.
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    Had a great time Saturday, its been a while since I got some Highway Time with you ACEholes, thanks Chad for setting this up.
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    Bill burr is funny.....
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    How Swede it is!
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    So congratulations there! was almost expecting to see something like this
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    Back to back Baby!
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    Hate to say I told you so but...... wait, no I don't. Pens rule
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    My 90 Auto ZR-1 needed some paint touch ups blending and repairs. Here are a few quick shots from yesterday. The back bumper had to be completely reshot as the factory paint was coming off when updating the painted White GS Stripe. Its very bright red now and the white stripe in my opinion really sets it off. GC
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    I still got faith in my team. PENS IN 7...
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    Little video proof that ACE was there in the heat.
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    I sold it. I didn't want to. Lonnie peeled off my beautiful chrome - I couldn't bring myself to do it. Bob made it beautiful - it was already beautiful to me. I listed it on Craigslist for a sum that would take time, or so I thought. Then I ignored the calls. I did everything possible to make it not happen. Then I took a call and boom - instant gone. To a very very happy man in Colorado. May he love it like I did. Goodbye my chrome god.
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    I like that chrome wrap also, and I would no normally think that about any chrome wrap. The black insets on the front fenders really help, as does the rest of the black on the car. Nice contrast. S.C.
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    Without that chrome wrap, baBboB will have nothing to peer into at the lunches...
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    YES!!!!!! Nothing like sitting on red seats in a c7 to lift one's spirits!
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    So sad Mo! At least you have some corvettes to drive and mourn the loss.
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    He shoots and scores!!!
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    only penguin that counts
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    31 May 17 Finally got my wife to show me how to do an upload of a photo. Keats Peoria
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    Ha made ya look... The Penguins are headed to the Stanley Cup Finals... yes I said FINALS!!!
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    Ugly but a W is a W!
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    One down....I think I can feel my hair and fingernails starting to grow back. Ha Ha
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    This morning, from my hometown in Dayton, IA. May the honored Rest In Peace.
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    You haven't been to NW PA then...LOL! Thank you for going PC for us. HAHA
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    WE WANT THE CUP, WE WANT THE CUP. Rednecks from Pennsylvania? There might be some country folks from there but definitely not any rednecks. There's no Confederate flags in the back of a pickup truck with a shotgun rack in Pennsylvania.
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    People from the Pennsylvania area not rednecks,We’re Appalacian Americans!!!
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    I was PO'd and exaggerating only slightly, its not even on the outer tread band. I know what can be patched, these places just don't want to do it anymore. Discount and Firestone can kiss my a$$ Its the OEM tires with not even 25K on them. If I had 35K or thereabouts I'd probably just pull the trigger on a new set. Now I basically have to short-use 2 May just see if I can get someone to take the spare and rotate onto the rim, just mount the "damaged" tire onto the spare rim, then plug the spare myself
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    Thanks to everyone... The 63 was a sweet car and I was a 19 Y.O. go fast kid. Got stopped almost every time I drove it. Not much fun at the drive in either. So it was time to go. Sold it for a 63 Chrysler 300J. 413 cross ram dual quads. Power everything. Drank gas like it was going out of style... Whew !! Traded it for a brand new 68 Plymouth Road Runner. Lots more fun and didn't get stopped quite as much.. Still miss my 63 Silver with a red interior. 327 4BBl. 4 Spd. When I found it on line for sale in Connecticut a few years ago, someone had changed it over to Fuel Injection . Keats
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    It doesn't take much too mod the seat. I had a thread on CF of how I did mine. Try this: https://www.corvetteforum.com/forums/c6-tech-performance/3377975-running-5-point-harnesses-in-my-car.html and see post #12. BTW, notice the Crow harness. http://www.parts123.com/parts123/dyndetail.pta?catalog=0000371a&ukey=AAAKN The sub belt can bolt to the seat frame holes where the front cover push pins insert. That requires a 6-point harness, unless you opt to drill the front seat mount crossmember for an eyebolt and use a 5-point harness. Use a 1/4-20 bolt, a couple flat washers, and a locknut. If you want to leave it in place between uses, stuff it under the seat. You can use the supplied eyebolts for the lapbelts if you drill to mount them in line with the seat mount studs. See why and where under the car.
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    I have a 5-point harness and a NHRA 10.0 rollbar. I made a seat frame for a race seat and three of the belts attach to the seat frame and the other two to the rollbar. I can't imagine how a 4-point harness will keep you in the seat without a sub belt. I had a 6-point harness that worked fine with my modded stock seat, but needed to reduce weight. It takes less than 10 minutes to change between the stock seat and race seat. The only safe attachment points are either the seat frame or the mounting studs for the seat, since the floor is a plastic composite and balsa sandwich.
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    Possibility......maybe with 2.
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    Im going, its tradition! Its also tradition for Robert Lamar to ditch me on the return home. KP
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    Details in the Event thread below:
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    You should just take my advise!!! I don't know. Teeheehee
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    I am looking for some OEM black or comp gray C6 Grand Sport wheels. Shoot me a PM if you have anything. Thanks Dan