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    UPDATE: For those attending this lunch today, there will be a drawing to give these away:
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    Oh sure! Act like I know what I'm doing!!! OK, if we are going to be there by 11:00 we will have to leave Home Depot at 10:15. The one on Country Club just south of 60. When you pull in the entrance, I'll be on the right side (that's north for you engineers). If you can't find my car get some new glasses. Let's stay together this time! No racing, do that when you're alone. I don't have time to go to anyone's funeral because I take two naps per day. Everyone knows your car goes fast!
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    I've used a CR Spotless for a number of years for the final rinse.
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    Any idea what a home water softener removes? mice to see the readout of how few solids are flowing through the filter when in use!
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    Very cool device Ted!
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    You have lost all confidence in this specific car. They need to make it right with you. What do you want? Possibilities include significant extension of a 100% bumper to bumper warranty in writing, give you all of your money back including the value of any trade if you had one, or give you an exact replacement. Good luck, please post up your progress on getting this resolved!
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    Invoke the "Lemon Law" and get it replaced?
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    Great work from Bromley's!!
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    Thank you for all of the birthday well wishes! Thanks to Greg, I had a great day! (He really is the best!)
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    Nope. Dem turkeys alright, young 'uns
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    Getting close to turkey time.
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    Yes, ACE made it to Baghdad. This was during one of my Son’s four deployments. Yes, those are Iraqi soldiers.
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    I took my Grand Sport to Ted Yoder in PHX Don't think I would trust anyone in Tucson
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    Nice car and pics. Glad to see the rear hash marks are gone. Now if you want to honor the original GS more correctly and the factory C4 GS, remove the ones on the passenger side too. It's cool to do a tribute to previous models, but hokey to mimic later ones. Those other cars had red hash marks, but black looks better on your car.
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    SOLD To a local Corvette lover. He should be joining shortly.
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