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  2. Automotive Photography

    I don't have any specific spots in mind, open to suggestions. I will give it some thought.
  3. Ron Fellows school Dec 5 & 6

    In Dec if you book they will give you a free night....... Check their ads
  4. Yesterday
  5. You’re an ACE Old Timer if...,

    Brian Seery days?
  6. Buying My First Corvette

    Well be home tomorrow wed
  7. It's The Jeep!

    I believe the amplifier in the radio died. Does anyone know of a confident, local radio repair shop? I hope it would be less than purchasing another radio. Thanks,
  8. Pictures of your first Corvette

    Triple tailights, front bumper delete & flares.... this is the perfect time machine and would put a NCRS judge in cardiac arrest.
  9. Goodbye T56; hello TR6060 MH3

    Good stuff man!
  10. Drive and lunch at San Tan Flats Nov 4!

    Count me in.
  11. Every Day Random Picture Thread

  12. Hey Bob. Lonnie and I have 2 as you know, so when you sell this one, you’re driving one of ours for future events (by force and we’re not taking a no for an answer) until you replace yours with another. The group isn’t the same without you there and you drive like a gramma anyways.
  13. C6 Parts FS

    ttt parts are selling
  14. Last week
  15. AZ bug I.D. needed

    That bug has a butt like Kim Kardashian!
  16. Pizza

    NSA loves Google and Facebook and...... Now the Apple IPHONE with face recognition
  17. Aero mods for 1/2 mile

    To combat this aero drag, I'm reinstalling my factory OEM duck-bill "Gurney" spoiler to minimize drag and rear down force. On the front, I have reinstalled my factory air dam, but with a mod. I have added a 3.5" rubber airdam extension to my factory unit in an attempt to limit airflow under the car. I had removed the rubber air dam underneath the car at either side of the car which cause a high pressure area at the brake ducts under the Z06 front end to help cool the front brakes at the track. The center air dam is there to limit the airflow under the car, in an attempt to minimize drag and boost fuel economy. Both of these cause front end lift at high speeds. I don't know if my new front air dam mod will have a significant impact on airflow and terminal speeds in the relatively short standing start 1/2 mile run, but 1 mile and 1.5 mile I think it will help a lot. We shall see
  18. WTB 03 C5 LS1 Oil Pan

    I got a great deal on a new pan from PRK in mesa. They had one on the shelf.
  19. Electric issues C5

    Could also be computer connection corrosion .... I've to to do mine as well .... getting all kinds of stupid codes ... and they come and go ... Tim (Slammer) has some experience here .... he told me that all issues were resolved after cleaning was done ... Will get you an update when mines completed ..... However won;'t be back to AZ to take it on for a few weeks yet ......

    ^^^^ What she said ^^^^ That hot rod is defiantly the bomb !!! Glad to see he's still addin to it !!!
  21. ACE @

    ACE@ Hooters Peoria! Car Show with a few more ACEholes! Miss Mesa & Miss Tucson! and Ace sticker is on rear window!
  22. SCT & Omega

    hope to see a lot of you out there either racing or watching. It can't all be pavillions and parking with your hoods up
  23. Cars & Coffee at Troon

    If could buy that one for a million dollars, you got a steal!
  24. WTB: C6 Transparent Targa Top

    FOUND ONE. Thanks for the help.
  25. Pics of her "new look"

    Lookin good !!!
  26. Practicing launches on Lingenfelter LNC-2000

    Sure sounds good ...
  27. Road and Track blurb on mid-engine corvette

    Well, it’s out on the public roads now. This is at a fast food drive thru off somewhere back east.
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