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  2. Wow, 18 pages of "you're screwd" babble. Yea, leave well enough alone unless you don't mind payin to play!
  3. That looks great and when all done should sound bad azz!!! JL speakers/amp as well???
  4. Yesterday
  5. My favorite is "Made with 100% Chicken" which means yes it's made with chicken, but it doesn't all have to be chicken. Chicken can be a small portion of all the ingredients but that chicken must be 100%, the rest can be filler and garbage. How does that even pass an approval process?
  6. Here's a stink finger for ya....Haven't been for a few years so I'll try and make this.
  7. Possibility......maybe with 2.
  8. Thanks! Added! The typical South/East meet spot is the El Pollo Loco just East of the Mills Mall. I updated the first post with this meet point, but if anyone wants to add additional meet points around or outside the valley, please let me know and I'll include it in the Logistics section also. SOUTH / EAST Side:AZ Mills El Pollo Loco (east side of mall) - Travel Time to McDonalds launch point ~40 minutes - Suggested Departure 7:30am
  9. I would love to meet for lunch on Tuesday but I wish they would have something out in the east valley.
  10. I am selling my 2008 Indy Pace Car, coupe, automatic, LS3 Eng, 436HP, dual mode exhaust with remote, only 16,900 miles. $39,000. call Earl 480-652-0943 east Mesa.
  11. Last week
  12. Then what is the worry? I dont understand why I would be concerned then.
  13. OK, now I'm going but as always I'm going on Saturday morning early. Anyone that's interested, we will meet at McDonald's on Carefree Hwy east of I 17
  14. See what happens.
  15. A few photo's from the event..........
  16. Looking to trade my chrome Cray Scorpion wheels for stock chrome C6 wheels. Crays are in exellent condition.
  17. If u have any c6 parts u don't need cause They are taking up space. I will take them. If they are FREE (Trying hydro dipping myself). Just want parts to experiment on. Thx
  18. I really wanted to make it this morning but I'm getting it detailed at 8am and tinted at noon. I'm going to the Pavs tonight though. Hope to see some of you there. Tim
  19. I'm interested as well.
  20. Not sure, possibly. I got a response from them, but no names. I recorded it, so if they were live, I'll post what I see. Edit: Nothing seen on today's installment. Hopefully someone will chime in or she'll drop us a note on air date.
  21. I had a great time, Thanks Tom.
  22. Im going, its tradition! Its also tradition for Robert Lamar to ditch me on the return home. KP
  23. Might try:
  24. That's a pretty nice compliment (from a guy)
  25. Yeah, that...
  26. Earlier
  27. I'm going Friday morning but towing my car.
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