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  2. C6 Exhaust advice

    You are gonna want either BORLA or CORSA. Just go to their websites and look through products that they offer. Maybe call them directly and ask if they have what you are looking for. "in my opinion"....BORLA= american muscle roar. CORSA= wanna be ferrari whine. You tube has tons of videos that you can listen to. Good luck on your search.
  3. Yesterday
  4. F/S 2000 FRC PEWTER

    Thanks Ted. Really appreciate the thought!
  5. ACE Holiday Lunch and AWOL Member Roundup

    Donna great job organizing. Wish Cyn and I could’ve made it.
  6. What are you doing, right this instant?

    Tomato...tomato it's all the same.
  7. Last week
  8. Happy B-day to Chris, Steve, & John

    Happy Birthdays!!
  9. A pair of Glass Display cases that are in like new condition. Wood frame, Mirror backing, Glass sides and top. Both have checker board bottoms installed so you can display Die cast cars. Easily removed if not desired. Also included is a stand that allows you to stack two models in the case. Paid over $50 each. Asking $60 for both. Cars are not included, just to show how they were used to display 1/18th scale die cast models. If interested, text me at 480 510-0474
  10. Sale pending on the four mounted with Nitto's Sale final on the other two
  11. Two major problems in my Brand new C7

    I think I wore out my shaft also 😄
  12. D.I. Rinse Pro

    I've used a CR Spotless for a number of years for the final rinse.
  13. Happy Birthday Rob (Vetteguy22)

    Happy Birthday !!!
  14. Every Day Random Picture Thread

  15. Smith & Wesson K-22 Masterpiece (Pre-M17) – shipped Oct. 1948 98% condition with all numbers matching including grips .22 LR – 6” bbl. – blue – 6-shot $1295 obo -FTF inspection greater PHX area- no box, tools, or papers
  16. Side Skirts

    Looking for Carbon Fiber side skirts for 2017 C7 Stingray base model
  17. Looking for 17/18 18/19 possibly 19/20. Oem or aftermarket. Or also just one c5 front base wheel not the wagon style. Trying to stay under $600 but would consider more for the right wheels.
  18. Found new upholstery shop

    Hmmmm,I have a pair of seats I would like modified and recovereed. Thanks for the heads up!
  19. Cars & Coffee at Troon

    Yes, that's the place.
  20. 2019 ZR1 $119,995

    Thought I’d wait until the Zora comes out.
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  22. 1982 Collector Edition. Hatch Hinges.

    Any update on this? A friend of mine works in metal fab, and said he would reproduce these hatch hinges if anyone still had the cad design drawings. He has a c3 himself ('77) and is a huge Star Wars fan, so most of his time is spent fabbing up pieces of both of those things
  23. CPR weekly episodes!

  24. ZR1 LA Auto Show Coverage

    Also, some things I didn't mention in the video: -Competition Seats will NOT be standard in the ZR1, so that is another $2,000 -A 2-Day Spring Mountain experience comes with the purchase of a ZR1 ZR1 Coupe: $120,000Auto Trans + Gas Guzzler Tax: $3,000ZTK: $3,000Competition Seats: $2,000Dual Roofs: $3,000 3ZR: $9,000 Total: $140,000. And I'm sure there will be other options.
  25. Culvers in Verrado

    Ok thx. I will try to get there between 5:00-5:30.
  26. Video Walk-Through: How To Do A Proper Car Wash

    Great work, NOW can you come to Ohio and do my car, truck & Harley? LOL Yeah I'm still stuck in Ohio.
  27. don't knock it till you try it I am available to meet if anyone wants to check the fit. Im in the old town scottsdale area.
  28. C5 Getting Some Needed Repairs

    Great work from Bromley's!!
  29. NEW C6 427 OEM floor mats.

    Bumpity-bump. Still available. Good Christmas gift...
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