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  2. Hey J, that's awesome! Greg Childs 25904 N 150th Ave Surprise AZ 85387 Let me throw you something for your troubles?
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  4. Sold my 2012 Centennial Grand Sport and have a bunch of stuff for sale most of it is new if not it will be marked as used Stock Air Intake (Painted Carbon Flash) with New Filter & Boot $ - 50.00 Top Radiator Support (New) $40.00 Loyyds Corvette Racing Jake Floor Mats Black - New in Box $100.00 LS3 Throttle Body (Take Off) Used like new $50.00 Fuse Box Lid New $25.00 Car Cover (Wolf) Flannel in door used for about a month $50.00 Diablo Sport InTune i-1000 tuner Unlocked - Used $145.00 Hood Liner (Take Off 500 Miles) $45.00 Alternator LS3 Take Off less than 100 Miles $50.00 Alternator Bracket With Tensioner Take off same as above $25.00 Dealer 2012 Centennial Corvette Sales & Marketing Book ( Multi Page 25 plus Sales Brochure) - Art Work - Large Custom framed Centennial Edition Kerbeck Picture 42.5 X 30.5 $125.00 Smaller Centennial Edition Picture $75.00 I have more so will update as I come across things. will post pictures of the items tonight
  5. HAHAHA, Thanks for the Birthday wishes and yes I am still alive. Been busy with work and not too much on the Corvette side but I have decided to focus more on Corvettes again. I just bought a replacement for my 2012 Centennial Edition Grand Sport got a good trade in amount for it because it only had 8k on it. Stupid I know they are meant to be driven not stored in the garage. Lesson learned... So I picked up a 2017 3LT Admiral Blue Grand Sport and I am all amped up about it, what a car. Anywho it's getting the clear bra installed and window tint done as I speak then it's off to meet up with Bob to do the Ceramic coat. after that well lets just say its not going to sit in the garage.
  6. I have a set I'll give you just send your mailing address
  7. Okee Dokee, 10:00
  8. I replaced mine with clear and then (after 8+ years) sold my C6. I have the originals (both front & back) in my garage (somewhere).
  9. Have fun! I'm out. Daughter has a dance recital.
  10. Ill be cruising up with Tom from the west side.
  11. If anyone has replaced theirs with clear or smoked markers, and still have your original ones, I could use a pair. Would also consider clear ones if available. Thanks!
  12. Happy Belated Birthday, Chris! I hope you had a great day! I'm sorry I don't have any extra garage space for another car!!
  13. I just reread your post, you may have dodged a bullet on that paint. Touch up paint usually is glossy to match the clear coated paint. You need base coat, any autobody place should be able to mix it on the spot. You will likely not be able to buy less than a pint. You will likely have color match issues and possibly adhesion issues if you try to spray and clear coat touch up paint.
  14. Last week
  15. ^^^ the reason I carry gloves in my car during the summer. . .
  16. ^^^ If you actually show up, I will buy your lunch!
  17. So what do you think? I have a pretty decent meeting place by my house since I'm on the north/east side and near the upper 202. If you're traveling the 202 east or coming north from south, let's meet on the south/east corner of Gilbert and McKellips at 10:00am for a 10:05am departure. There's a nice big parking lot there. We can go north from there on Gilbert Rd to Beeline going East and pick up the group coming down through Fountain Hills at a gas station on 10180 N Fort McDowell Rd (beeline and Ft McDowell). Our ETA there should be 10:25am. That'll get us to the restaurant on time.
  18. Week has come Mid American Motorworks screwed the pooch. Said they shipped my paint off to someone else and trying to get it back. Sent email, no reply. Second time trying to call them, said might take a week or two or who knows (whenever they get a shipment in). I mentioned that this is unacceptable, he (Mark) said he would ship me a $20.00 gift card. Told him to keep it and refund my money. Have no intention of ever giving them any business in the future. So now just going to go to GM tomorrow after work. wait another two weeks or so. Space Age is just plain too far to drive. Fuel cost more than the paint.
  19. There's a Gen 3 on AZ Shooting... if you have an account with access to the For Sale section:
  20. Thank you sir! If you still take care of your car as well as before than you likely don't need anything super extensive lol. A light polish with the PC for well maintained car is probably all she needs anyway
  21. So is there a cruise meet up or are we just meeting at the restaurant
  22. Perhaps if you added the word GLOCK others might know what you mean with out having to google for the description. They do come up for sale at work here and there. If I hear of someone,will send them your way.
  23. Annie and I will try this. App going out today. Will drive up Saturday A.M. with BADBOB. Chas
  24. We usually record 190 + rail temperatures out here during the summer.
  25. Now that's what I'm talking about...... good old dry heat!
  26. When I was a UPS driver I bought a digital oven thermometer and put it in the back on the truck and when I got to my next stop it read 144 degrees. And when you reach up to take a package off the top shelf, you make sure your arms don't touch the aluminum shelf! That will ruin your day!
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