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  3. ACE @

    I think that shirt makes your butt look big...
  4. SCT & Omega

    Im planning on going this year. 1st time for me,
  5. ACE @

    ACE @ is for photos of anytime you're in cool places and wearing your ACE shirt. Here's two of mine from last week. ACE @ Yosemite Nat'l Park ACE @ Bonneville Speed Week
  6. Radiator Cleaning Tool

    Mine's only 2' long. Used 3/8" copper tube, brass compression fitting to mate with a PVC female hose fitting. I use an everyday pistol grip spray nozzle to attach to a hose and the wand to control the water flow. I drilled two 3/16" holes near the end and then crimped over the end of the tube. It looks a lot like the one Charlie made, since his design was my inspiration. When I use it, I put a thin sheet of plastic between the radiator and the condenser before blowing water through the radiator to keep the crap from sticking into the condenser. Then when doing the condenser, the plastic protects the radiator from damage by the wand.
  7. Prescott Burger Run Sat 26 Aug

    sounds good!
  8. Prescott Burger Run Sat 26 Aug

    My wife and I will see you at Lowes!
  9. Every Day Random Picture Thread

  10. Prescott Burger Run Sat 26 Aug

    Since Donna's Beat the heat run to Flagstaff was a wash Me and Julie decided we'd like a burger at the Brown Bag. If you would like to join us, ass in seats is 9am at the Lowes in Avondale at Dysart & McDowell. For those of you that want to meet us in Wickenburg at the Mobil/DQ on 93, we'll see you @10ish. Post up if you are in.
  11. Corvettes n Caddies Aug 2018

    Great pics German ! We enjoyed talking with you and Lucy.
  12. Radiator Cleaning Tool

    Nice. Thanks for the dimensions. Sounds pretty easy to accomplish. Even for me.
  13. Radiator Cleaning Tool

    Touchy-Feely....I like bring your toys to work days...
  14. Radiator Cleaning Tool

    Text me Husker Do if you'd like me to bring mine to work so you can touch and feel it!
  15. Yesterday
  16. Bought and modifying c3

    Very true about spending time with our kids. Unfortunately my kids grew up while i was starting a business from scratch so I missed out on a lot. Thats why I retired and moved to AZ so that I could be close to both of them and spend as much time with them now to help make up for lost time. Bummed about the Flagstaff run having to cancel but at least my daughter is coming for next weekend.
  17. Ground up build of my 1970 vette

    Thanks, Really bummed that the run to Flagstaff had to be cancelled due to the road construction. I was really looking forward to getting the car out for a good run. Hoopefully soon. Rob
  18. I may end up being a "one post wonder", but I figure I'd try to find a home for my old Vette here, among people that might give it a dignified fate. This car was my daily driver until recently, when it developed some expensive problems, and after almost 208k miles, I finally had to make the call. It makes me sad; this was my dad's car, and the first Corvette I ever drove. I took care of it as much as I possibly could. I intend to be very up front about its problems. The engine is going (i.e. the coolant keeps coming out brown and muddy), the radiator recently started leaking, and although the condenser fan and its wiring seem fine, the switch that turns it on is probably broken, but that's under the intake manifold, so it's expensive just to look. There are plenty of aesthetic issues; the front bumper has been skinned twice, the soft top isn't reusable (though it's still waterproof), and the interior is worn. Other than that, the car is in good shape -- I spent a small fortune over the years to keep it running. It's been consistently garaged, car-ported, or at least covered since I got it (in early 2005). It lived in California until 2010, when I moved to Arizona. The corner of the bumper here is cracked; I tried to patch it up, but it's not really my field. That corner of the bumper just has someone else's paint on it. Yes, it has a tow hitch! At least the paint still shines. The car got caught in a hailstorm while it was being repaired in Sierra Vista (so the mechanic told me). I patched the holes with some goop I got at Michael's, so at least it doesn't leak. The top is also fraying in the corner (see bottom right of photo). I assume the convertible top isn't reusable. I've seen worse interiors in old cars. The seats are worn, but other than the split seam visible here, they're intact. Part of the driver's seat was re-upholstered in recent memory. The carpet isn't even in bad shape. The stereo and speakers were replaced in late 2014, and the sun visors were re-upholstered, and all are still in great shape. The rubber here has worn out. The other door's rubber is still in good shape, though. The weatherstripping was all replaced back in 2010, and is still in good shape. Like I said, this was a perfectly functional daily driver until recently. The view from the other door. One view of the engine compartment. Other than the motor (which is probably rusting away inside), the radiator (which just started leaking), and the condenser-fan switch, everything here is functional. The A/C works -- the blower motor was replaced last month -- but without the electric condenser fan, the car will run warm on the freeway if the A/C is on. Another view of the engine compartment. The tires were replaced recently, and are still in great shape. The car is close to drivable, but could also serve as a large reservoir of parts for someone with another 1987 Corvette. Someone could replace the radiator and have a usable Corvette, until the engine gives out (whenever that may be), or until next summer (when you'll want the electric condenser fan to work). I'm asking $2500, but will entertain lower offers. I was just trying to find a better home for my beloved old Vette before hauling it off to an undignified end at some charity. Please post replies in this forum, and if there is any serious interest, I'll share a phone number.
  19. Corvettes n Caddies Aug 2018

    Wait....what year is it again?
  20. Every Day Random Picture Thread

    Joe wins the internet today!
  21. Radiator Cleaning Tool

    I was blessed with Charlie's when he moved. 1/2" copper 3' long, he soldered a female garden hose fitting on one end and a copper cap on the other. He cut a 1 1/2" long kerf in the end with a hacksaw. Brilliant in its simplicity
  22. Tom's New Engine

  23. Radiator Cleaning Tool

    That's the thread I got the idea from. Figured some other people might like to maybe make one also is the reason I posted this thread. Yours/Ted's is also the reason I want to make my own. If you don't mind could you post a picture or 3 of the one you got from Ted with some measurements if possible? Maybe some closeups of the fittings and On/Off end and how the middle is made? Would really appreciate it if you could. I also saw that Sean made one as well so maybe he will post some info from his as well.
  24. Every Day Random Picture Thread

  25. I'm going to need Just For Men in the near future

    Maybe now you can get a seniors discount
  26. So here is how I have been beating the heat

    Lookin good Michael!
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