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  2. Automotive Photography

    I don't have any specific spots in mind, open to suggestions. I will give it some thought.
  3. Automotive Photography

    Sorry I can’t Friday. We’re babysitting grandbabies.
  4. Automotive Photography

    How about Friday evening, see if we can get some good shot at the fountain around sunset? After the sun goes down we could head to the U of P parking garage near by. I would love to get some shots, yellow cars look awesome at night. Did you have any spots in mind? That spot at Tempe town lake would be an awesome contrast to the yellow.(like the above photos) The purple on your mopar would make for a very cool subject. Did you have any locations in mind?
  5. Ron Fellows school Dec 5 & 6

    In Dec if you book they will give you a free night....... Check their ads
  6. Ron Fellows school Dec 5 & 6

    We are going To Spring Mountain <Ron Fellows> on November first and Second. How did you get a night free?
  7. Yesterday
  8. You’re an ACE Old Timer if...,

    Brian Seery days?
  9. Buying My First Corvette

    Well be home tomorrow wed
  10. It's The Jeep!

    I believe the amplifier in the radio died. Does anyone know of a confident, local radio repair shop? I hope it would be less than purchasing another radio. Thanks,
  11. Pictures of your first Corvette

    Triple tailights, front bumper delete & flares.... this is the perfect time machine and would put a NCRS judge in cardiac arrest.
  12. Pictures of your first Corvette

    What a retro masterpiece!
  13. Goodbye T56; hello TR6060 MH3

    Good stuff man!
  14. Automotive Photography

    Would love to get some cool shots if you don’t mind shooting a purple car!
  15. Pictures of your first Corvette

    My 01,and I’m actually in the pic on the right!
  16. Pictures of your first Corvette

    After getting hit in the rear (luckily not too bad) did a lot of glass work in the rear, new paint & interior ... all thanks to the hit-tee .... and a couple of great friends with great talents.,,, These pix just off the jacks ... not sitting a ride height ...
  17. Pictures of your first Corvette

    My 66 Rdstr from the late 70's-80's .... Loved this SB Hot Rod !!!
  18. Drive and lunch at San Tan Flats Nov 4!

    Count me in.
  19. Pictures of your first Corvette

    2002 C5 that I bought at LouGrubb on I-17 and Camelback. I bought it in mid 2003 with 65 mi on the odometer. GM had shipped it to Glendale Community College where it sat for over a year and was used as a training aid for their GM training done there. I owned it for 2+ yrs until I was t-boned and the entire drivers side was replaced.
  20. Pictures of your first Corvette

    You look like your 12 years old in your Daddy's car. Could your reach the peddles? SLAMMER😎
  21. Automotive Photography

    If you still want more practice after you are done with Eddie, please put me on your list to be next. . .
  22. Pictures of your first Corvette

  23. Pictures of your first Corvette

    Bought as a basket case. Took 3 years to bring it back
  24. Drive and lunch at San Tan Flats Nov 4!

    I love that place, great choice!!!! Sorry we won't be back in town yet to join in.
  25. Pictures of your first Corvette

    Post a photo of your first Corvette. Extra points for pictures with you in it! Mine was a '70, a true 5 footer, until the paint started crazing on the door tops. It was a textbook example why it's better to buy the best you can find vs one needing a little of this and that. It was 8 years old but had previously been winter driven (Michigan) which facilitated a cutting torch to change the non working air shocks on the rear. I did my first....... and last engine rebuild on this one. Of course I loved it and the passage of time lessens the "warts" and embellishes the rest. I sold it, funded an IRA and bought a new Yamaha motorcycle. A few years later I went into Vette withdrawal and took the cure and have been fine ever sense.
  26. Buying My First Corvette

    Thinkin the same thing..LOL!
  27. Buying My First Corvette

    Hey tim.... didn't this guy play for the red wings? He got hit so hard that he spells his name wrong. Ha "JUST KIDDING".
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