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  2. Yes sir. Complete JL Audio system.
  3. Two ways it will be caught, one is the flash counter. We know how many times a module has been flashed (programmed or updated) by a dealer, a count higher than that will raise questions. Secondly, just because it is flashed back to stock does not mean the original Calibration Verification Number (CVN) used by the factory will remain, usually it does not. Fore warned is fair warned, good luck in whatever you decide to do.
  4. I used a superchip programmer on my C5 and got good results. It can be programmed back to my Stock settings should I need to. I iMagine they would notice If I use a programmer and then set it back before bringing it to the dealership.
  5. Wow, 18 pages of "you're screwd" babble. Yea, leave well enough alone unless you don't mind payin to play!
  6. That looks great and when all done should sound bad azz!!! JL speakers/amp as well???
  7. Yesterday
  8. Sweet!
  9. Got the deck installed today. Pioneer 7" screen with DVD ,HD radio, Bluetooth, Siriusxm. Having the back up cam installed when they do the speakers, amps and JL Audio Stealth box. They were able to use the factory mic in the pillar for the Bluetooth. I also had them install my Escort 9500ix radar detector and dashcam. It all came out perfectly. I'm very happy!
  10. We are getting much more strict with tunes in cars. In many cases, dealers are checking CVNs whenever they find aftermarket parts on a vehicle, even for something as simple as a cold air kit, dealers are checking CVNs before they take a suspect car in on trade-in. I would not do it, unless you can live with paying for powertrain repairs out of pocket. If they find an altered CVN, the powertrain is no longer covered, period. While the bulletin makes it mandatory to check CVNs for hard part failures, many are doing it voluntarily when a suspect vehicle arrives at the dealer for repair or on trade in, as previously mentioned. As far as a tune in a stock application, there is really not a lot there to benefit from. Some little things, shift timing (if it's an auto), etc. I'd leave it alone. I am not sure if this attachment works, but it will show you the lengths we go to track down aftermarket calibrations or "tunes" in the cars. Tampering.pdf
  11. I haven't seen results of a tune with no other mods, my guess is it's not worth it. To your second point, it shouldn't void the warranty but good luck getting through the dealer without them blaming the tune. You still have warranty on everything the tune doesn't touch.
  12. My favorite is "Made with 100% Chicken" which means yes it's made with chicken, but it doesn't all have to be chicken. Chicken can be a small portion of all the ingredients but that chicken must be 100%, the rest can be filler and garbage. How does that even pass an approval process?
  13. Yes, let us know, I'd be curious to find out what they find out. I'm betting someone passed off some butchery to you, sucks for sure. Sounds like you'll be getting a wayyyy better set up than OEM now too. Look forward to seeing and hearing! Oh, and the inmates here go off the rails pretty easily, don't take it too personal. Overall a pretty likeable and affable bunch
  14. Agreed, Pics please!
  15. Here's a stink finger for ya....Haven't been for a few years so I'll try and make this.
  16. Possibility......maybe with 2.
  17. Very nice! Post pics when it is all finished up
  18. Thanks! Added! The typical South/East meet spot is the El Pollo Loco just East of the Mills Mall. I updated the first post with this meet point, but if anyone wants to add additional meet points around or outside the valley, please let me know and I'll include it in the Logistics section also. SOUTH / EAST Side:AZ Mills El Pollo Loco (east side of mall) - Travel Time to McDonalds launch point ~40 minutes - Suggested Departure 7:30am
  19. Thank you sir!! I really appreciate it! Like I said, I'm getting the entire system replaced today. I'm going with a Pioneer unit with Bluetooth and HD radio as well as a new Sirius tuner and back up cam.
  20. Dude, just ask for help. I have a Tech II, I know quite a bit about these things, you could have brought it over, could have pulled codes and come up with a plan of attack. When something kind of dies on the vine thread-wise, folks start messing around. It is nothing against you or anything, just kind of the way this place works.
  21. Not at all. Thanks for the suggestions.
  22. I'm sorry, did I post something in this thread that was in any way construed to be a joke?
  23. I made this post looking for some help. I don't see where any of this is helpful to anyone. It apears this is a joke to everyone except me. The entire system is being replaced today. I'm glad I was able to amuse some of you.
  24. Ya. The yellow lead needs to be switched with the center black one
  25. I would love to meet for lunch on Tuesday but I wish they would have something out in the east valley.
  26. I am selling my 2008 Indy Pace Car, coupe, automatic, LS3 Eng, 436HP, dual mode exhaust with remote, only 16,900 miles. $39,000. call Earl 480-652-0943 east Mesa.
  27. Holeeeee CRAP!!!! I'm no electrician and I didn't stay at a Holiday Inn last night...but that's just damn wrong!!!!
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